How far out is this???

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  1. Ok, I am no VW guru but my background is kit cars and Classic cars. We have put done strange engines in strange cars before, the last one was a Nissan 200 SX turbo in a 67' Alfa GT.

    Has anyone ever put the entire back end of a Porsche Boxster in a bus???
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  2. I haven't, but a 911 back end has been done before :)
  3. Check out the race taxi
  4. Your still alive then dude
    I thought isis had taken you hostage whilst selling sand to the arabs
  5. Couldn't log in for months and been busy with work. Still around, still have the buses, now have my first beetle too. Still planning the scooby conversion. Working on a way of cloning myself to get the jobs done
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  6. I cant recall where/what forum the bus is on but its got:

    Porsche Trailing arms fitted; the originals had been ground off
    Porsche rear disc set fitted up as a result
    Porsche gearbox & driveshafts

    High spec type 4 motor
  7. why boxster? its mid-engined so its going to to be much harder to fit than the back end of a rear engined porsche?
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  8. Just turn it all round 180 degrees. It'll be the fastest Bus in reverse ever made. (There's no need to thank me.) :D
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    They're talking about this on VZi at the moment as Boxster engines are apparently cheap.
  10. Not helping!
  11. Who me?
    I am much maligned. :)
  12. There's a very good reason for them being cheap!!
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  13. What drove you to ruin a nice Alfa by fitting a Nissan engine?
  14. its ted

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    hi Joker Nice to see you are back. any chance of either a reply to my messages or the seat i have paid for but not received?
    PS sorry for the hijack of this thread but Joker seems to keep disappearing when i try to contact him !!!!!!
  15. Hasn't a mod/admin contacted you about this? It's bad form if a site sponsor is allegedly going round ripping other users off. I've seen jokers name crop up a few times and just assumed the powers that be, were sorting it out in the back ground. Hope you get a good conclusion mate.
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  16. Ha ha if you saw the car you would have a slightly different perspective... It was a cover shoot car for PPC magazine, looks pretty stock from the outside but under the skin runs some
    pretty trick parts including the Nissan turbo engine which incidentally Nissan copied the Alfa block back in the 70's so much so that even the engine mounts line up.... Would hardly call it ruining it.... And it runs 13 second 1/4 miles
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    Sure I started a thread last week about buyer / seller feedback.
    Apparently we've never had issues on here....
  18. If you give a few quid of your scammed earnings to the forum each year, there are no issues. :D

    Edit. Apparently. Lol
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    Oooooooh, how very dare you!?
  20. It's a proper tool.

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