FOR SALE House for sale NG5 in vw friendly street.

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  1. its like that in the summer too....:D
  2. well it certainly aint darn saaarf! its kind of in the middle. im from the north west and before moving here i always thought it was pretty much down south but as the crow flies its only about 50 miles south of manchester.

  3. Nowell Walk - anout 1/4 mile from York road. Mainly did my drinking at that end of Harehills lane so can't remember the Strega
  4. Forgot that pub on compton road now...:thinking::D

    where the old cinema was on the corner of York road my mum bought my first bike, a chopper for £7...

    Small world..:D
  5. It is.

    Are you thinking of ' The Compton' that was near the junction of Harehills Lane at the bottom of the hill?

    The cinema was the Shaftesbury - used to go there as a kid- and buy model kits from the bike shop next door
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  6. I remember the Saturday matinee...:thumbsup:

    ay compton arms...

    when I started working in Leeds I used to cycle past shaftbury everyday ,the traffic used to be at a standstill at the traffic lights, I used to get home before the bus...:palways looked at the motorbike shop over the road ,thinking one day i will get something with a engine...:chewie:
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  7. Looking at houses in saltaire. No gardens, considerably smaller and no off road parking but its one of my favourite places.
  8. ...or haworth.

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