FOR SALE House for sale NG5 in vw friendly street.

Discussion in 'Non Late Bay Classifieds' started by Ermintrude, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. yesterday morning i had two offers on the house - declined both and by the afternoon had full asking price offer from a lovely lady who has seen it, been round for a cuppa twice and is now putting her house up for sale because she like mine better!

    didn't hink it happens so quick but it's not even been a week yet so i guess i need to hold out for a bit *eek*

    now need to find a little house exactly the same in west yorkshire. :)
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  2. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    Well done - good luck hunting:thumbsup:
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  3. house with gardens, even small ones, seem to be very expensive in yorkshire :( but i'm sure i'll find the right one. or move to devon. or buy some land and build a log cabin..... :)
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  4. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    All the bes t with finding that dream house, they do exists.
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  5. Terrordales

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    It just takes time & maybe a couple of disappointments, like we had before we found a house we liked.
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  6. my problem is that i don't know where i want the next adventure to be... i'll be in yorkshire for a bit but may not stay on there...
    i thought i'd have more time but the house looks like it'll sell quite soon.
  7. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    Had a look and you have a great looking house.

    All I can say is have a list of what you want but be flexible. We have never filled are list of wants, well we have but its spread over many houses. :D
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  8. That's a nice looking house. Very similar to our old house only nicer looking and with a bigger and nicer garden.
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  9. Why don't you just rent in Yorkshire for the moment, and then see where the wind takes you. For houses with gardens you need to steer clear of the mill towns/ villages - it's all front yards that way!
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  10. PS just nebbed at the house, it is beeeeeyoooooooootiful - when you've moved up here please can you come and do some interior design at mine :)
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  11. if only i was as rich as you two :D
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  12. thank you. buy it! :D

  13. renting is silly money. i have places to stay in bingley and leeds but really don't want to be of the property ladder too long :/

    there's no design here... i just like old stuff and stick it where it fits :D i had to do something with the late 70's/early 80's decor that was here when i moved in, and that pink shag pile carpet in the bathroom (which stank of wee) HAD to go! :D

    now get off here and find me a house.... i've been looking at otley and bingley so far but no boggin' gardens and i need a space to make a nice lawn, borders and to hang my hammock for G&T time :beer:
  14. Oooh I love looking at houses @Ermintrude and am SO excited that you'll be moving practically round the corner. Where are you looking? Give me a radius and how many bedrooms and budget and I'll get on it!
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  15. looking in Otley, bingley, gilstead, east morton so far. budget is about 150k for now until i seek some financial advice, hopefully it won't be less but a reduction in salary will dictate. minimum 2 beds, def need a garden, ideally a cellar/garage or big shed to keep my rusty bits in and off street parking would be nice. not too much then?

    basically, i want this/my house plus off street parking.... work your magic :D
  16. Love your old house - showed the wife the pictures and said how much... She said 400K.... When I said 125 her face lit up and could see what was on her mind.

    Surprising how much more bang for your buck you get up north.
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  17. wow! you can have it for 200k! ;) i'm struggling to find anything equitable in yorkshire and that's further up north.

    thank you for all the lovely comments, tbh over the years i've had mixed reviews "granny's house" etc (negatives usually have come from blokes!) but i never cared as it's my home and i like it but putting it on the market for all to see was bit nerve racking. let's face it, it's never been as tidy as it is for the estate agent and viewings and right now the dining room is once again my sewing room until the next viewing.
    it's a bugger cos i can't find a damn thing since i tidied up.
  18. I like your bathroom erm hun:thumbsup:

    They say its grim up north

    Its a lie its not grim its expensive:mad:
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  19. i lurrrrve my bathroom. i spend so much time in the bath that i knew i had to get a big bath and make it pretty. shame i have to leave it all behind :(

    it is expensive! but i don't want to be in a dodgy area so i guess you have to pay. this one was more expensive than most because of the street "the best in the area" and i can certainly vouch for that, it's lovely and friendly and the houses just on this street are all bigger. Mine was an end terrace from 1898 - 1904!

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