FOR SALE House for sale NG5 in vw friendly street.

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  1. Your joking right... I could almost sell my house a but a street up there!
  2. Depends where in yorkshire but when you aim for a rural area the prices are massive
    Its not just the house prices its the cost of living
    Everything is a further drive away and more expensive when you get there to buy it

    We went to my mothers in bolton recently and my wife and eldest daughter went out shopping with my mother
    My daughter couldent belive how much fashion type clothes she got for her money
    Also my wife bought 6 months worth of bathroom and cleaning products as they were so cheap compared to buying up this end

    Fuel is ten pence per litre more expensive up here
  3. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    France is cheap but a lot of work.:)
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  4. My sister in law lives in Pudsey but they have loads of money ,I used to dispatch ride around bingley/shipley/bradford area you could get a house for 40,000 in them days...

    My mate lives at Harehills ,very dodgy area but phone up for a takeaway and it is at your door in 5 minutes and the buses to Leeds are every 20 seconds ,Roundhay park down the road/tesco`s/Kentucky and 6 million curry houses...I do love that area and all it has to offer...

    beautiful garden btw...:thumbsup:
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  5. Lived in Harehills for 28 years. It's a big area - North of Roundhay Road is the area where the riots were, the other bit between Roundhay and York Road is OK.
    Compared to some areas of London is like Kensington.
  6. I know I got a video....:D

    The only riot when the sun is out....

    we lived round the corner from the kentucky or maybe you remember Delaneys ,I forgot what the big detached pub near the traffic lights was called?:thinking:
  7. Wow - looks lovely. Hope all goes well!
  8. Nice. Place I love Ickles old terrace houses with nice garden seems cheap. We've just been looking at houses with a mooring in march on ifens they are quite cheap too, no hills either :). Good luck with your hunt and sale
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  9. I used to go to school in Otley - fantastic place. Best pubs and best chippies in UK outside of Manchester. And loads of them. Pity about the school...
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  10. Love the garden :thumbsup:
  11. March is bleak and windswept in the winter Barney, that's why it's cheap.
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  12. The Fforde Green?
  13. That`s the one ,bought my first e there.....:D don`t suppose you went in the Strega opposite ,great for serving drinks on a Sunday afternoon before 24 hr thing...where did you live?

    Ermintude ...My mate will probably rent you out a room...:thumbsup:
  14. update: full asking price offer not formal so not accepted. I'm in the process of seeking financial advice before i go any further as it's all happening too quick and i need time to take a breath :)
  15. i rented in harehills when i first moved to leeds in 1996.... the pub on its own near the lights is either the white stag (off meanwood road) great tap room and music or the really dodgy one en route from harehills road to roundhay, can't remember the name! One night as i got my staff taxi home from the playhouse the cab driver told me that i couldn't go home because of the riot! he dropped me as close as he'd dare and i walked through it. nothing keeps me from my bed! :D
  16. that's the one! the fordy!
  17. But can you get out of their in a canal boat??
  18. cheers. been offered a place to rent in bingley by the canal but going to look at buying first. I have a room in my brothers house for the time being. thank you :)
  19. Yes you can. Not you as well!
  20. Since when was Nottingham 'oop norf'

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