Hello! Would love your advice/suggestions.

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  1. I can help: it's a 'blue' Vw bay window camper van
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  2. I'm a cross dresser too!! ;-)
  3. Haha. Pleased to see I'm in good company. Love the colour of your van.
  4. sANDYbAY

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    It cost me a quid and it stopped after exactly 5 minutes, trying to rinse the shampoo out of my hair by cupping my hands under the only tap (cold) on the sink and splashing it haphazardly over my head while standing stark naked on a cold concrete floor may have scarred me mentally for a long time to come.

    @Victoria I'm going around the Baltic Sea this summer so there'll be at least two idiots in knackered old campervans touring Europe. Are you going to be doing a blog?
  5. thank god they put toilet paper in the doors keyholes i say :eek:
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  6. Wont you need a boat rather than a camper? Or indeed a sled and dogs for the top bit?
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    :) There were 9 of us there including the couple in the French thing and you're the only one who noticed the blocked up keyholes. Hmmm! :thinking: Is there anything you'd like to tell us?
  8. sANDYbAY

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    I'm planning to stay mostly on the bits that aren't water and I'll buy a set of chains if needed for the top bit, but hopefully there won't be that much snow in the summer. :)
  9. yes i sat n shat i had time to look , i didnt go in the shower it was too slow for me :D
  10. How many miles you planning for?
  11. sANDYbAY

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    If I actually get all the way round it'll be in the region of three to three and a half thousand. The more I'm looking at the Finland stretch between Russia and Sweden the less interesting it's looking. Also I'm not that keen on raw herrings which seems to be their staple diet so I may take the ferry from Tallin in Estonia directly to Helsinki which cuts out a great big bit of herrings and forests.
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  12. Mate moved to Turku. Nowt to do but get pi55ed he reckoned!
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    I'll have to meet him for a beer then as I'll be going to Turku to get the ferry to Stockholm.
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  14. Havent been in touch for years but if you shout "free beer for Brits loud enough" or take a bottle of boddies and leave it open for five minutes he will probably find you!
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  15. I'm a cross dresser too!! ;-)
    Haha. Pleased to see I'm in good company. Love the colour of your van.

    I only posted pics of the 'grown-up' rear of my van on here at first!! '72 is best in my biased opinion, though you may want to look here.....


    ... as the crossdresser year has a few nuances when it comes to ordering parts. It's cost me a few £££ in wrong parts to find some of them!
  16. If you use a roof rack/box, then maybe some small foldable steps?? or a milk crate to stand on - use as a step too.
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  17. Hi Sandybay, sounds an amazing trip your going to do. I might do a blog. Do you have one?
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  18. Hi Nobbly, haha thank you for the tip and also the link, will take a look.
  19. Thanks Tyke2 great idea. Will definitely need some foldable steps.

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