Heading to the West of Scotland for two weeks touring.

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  1. The midges hadn't been too bad the last few days but this was because it has been to hot for them I think, its a bit cooler this evening and they've been out in force.

    If your back in your van early evening or have an awning to hide in then they arent too much bother, just if you wanna sit outside. We've been trying the supposed good original Avon skin so soft dry oil (not sure if its been effective) and have been burning citronella candles in the van and awning, these seem to work well in keeping them away.
  2. Had a near disaster tonight, the sliding door fell off its upper and rear runner tracks just as the midges were swarming :-( Luckily one swift message to TLB and a few kind folk came to the rescue with hints at how to get the door back on. Never underestimate the power of TLBers, they got me out of some trouble last year on our cornwall trip as well now I come to think of it lol.

    Anyway door repaired and just swatting the last midges I can find in the van lol.
  3. Am soo envious wish I was still there.
  4. Yeah despite the midges it is amazing here, and with the current weather being so good it makes you wonder why you'd need to go abroad, if only we had a couple months of guaranteed sun each year eh. Hope you had a fab time on your trip.
  5. because of the midges...

    Its often a lot easier to understand foreigners speaking in their own language versus listening to sweaties butchering English too
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