Heading to the West of Scotland for two weeks touring.

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  1. Congi how are you?Maybe we might be in the same area in july if you fancy meeting up for a night?

  2. Fine ,yeah too right ,yet to plan the route.
  3. Yeah I think that the one we are staying at, Camusdarach campsite? Unfortunately they were quite booked up so we can only get one night there.
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  4. The campsite i have been to is called Invercambe campsite.It is fantastic but i have just checked and is fully booked when we are up there.Will try to book somewhere else or wild camp.Have toured this area before on the way back from the outer hebrides a few years ago and i spent some great holidays on the Ardenmachen peninsular(a great place to go and see and a great couple of campsites.(go on the Corrin ferry before you reach fort william and this take you out there)
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  5. I'll look that one up, thanks for the tip. If it's a good a trip as I think it's going to be I might have to squeeze another one in later in the year and more again next season.

    Would be great if there was a vw show up in that area in the summer months to go to.
  6. Thanks that's a great little map, will defo check out that spot just up from Ullapool.
  7. Not long to go now
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  8. Hello fellow Fifer!

    We too are away west soon...leaving around the 13th/14th for a 2 week tour. Last year we went West and ended up on Skye http://thelatebay.com/index.php?threads/west-coast-of-scotland-and-skye.26671/ We were planning Ardnamurchan and Mull this time but swithering about making it more of a tour up the coast. We love Arisaig...lovely people there! They were full last year as well but squeezed us in a corner for an extra night.

    We're in Newburgh by the way.

    So who are we going to see around then? We should create an 'I-Spy' sheet ;-)

    Green Westy
    Black Devon.....

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  9. magnolia westie leaving sussex tomorrow will be in Scotland by Wednesday
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  10. We are off
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  11. Oooh if you're going to Oban I would strongly recommend getting the ferry over to Mull for a few nights. There is a campsite at Tobermory which is easy walking distance down to the bay and two of my most favourite pubs in the world - The Mishnish and MacGochans. Then wend down to the South of the island to Ffionphort and stay at Fidden Farm, one of the most beautiful camping spots on Earth. Beach side on a deserted white sandy shore with turquoise seas - just stunning. You could hop over to Iona for a mooch, very very pretty place.

    Have a fab time - we did the West coast last year (first time in the van but been several times before) and thoroughly loved it.
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  12. PS am very impressed with your planning - we are more the "just set off and see where we end up" brigade which is great for a sense of adventure, but often means we miss really lovely places through lack of knowledge!
  13. After last years trip down to Cornwall and finding most of the campsites with full signs, we thought it best to be prepared this time, plus whilst planning I was working offshore for two weeks and had lots of spare time to fill lol
  14. Maybe we'll see you on the way around somewhere, have a great trip.
  15. Just got to Gretna services,through passport control!!
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  16. Well here we are, eventually made it to stop number 1 after a nervous start to the trip. Had the van all packed ready to go yesterday, all the checks had been carried out the day before and she was running fine, jumped in ready to leave, turned the key, she was turning over but not firing up at all :-( disaster. Tried all the usual suspects, had fuel at the carb, spark at the plugs, that's all I should need surely? after about an hour it seemed it was getting close to looking like no holiday was going to happen. On closer inspection though the spark looked fairly weak on the points, I pulled the HT lead from the coil and the coil end was corroded/burnt out looking. Changed the coil and lead, turned the key and Wilma fired into life :) HURRAY came the cry from everyone lol.
    So after driving solid from Fife to Oban through the rain we've made it to North Ledaig caravan site, and I can say it's a lovely site, clean facilities and have woken up to a dry lovely view across the bay. On checking the oil it seems we've lost 3/4 Ltr so looks like it's going to be one of those trips and an engine strip when we return, only another 600 ish miles to go until then lol.
    We'll keep the trip updated as we go and hopefully meet some fellow TLBers along the way.
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  17. On our way home now.Found a great site at glen Nevis called red squirrel .also one at Strontian called Sunart camping.thia is at the gateway to the Ardmemurchan peninsula lovely site and fantastic area.If you want beaches and a bay go up to Arisaig loads of campstes here we staid at silver sands,just pull up an find a pitch and pay in morning.good luck have a great trip.
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  18. We stopped at Camusdarach in Arisaig but went past that Silver sands and have said we think we would look at trying there next time for a few days if the weather is good, it looks fantastic.
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  19. Well we've moved along witb our journey, Oban, Glencoe, Arisaig and then out to Isle of Skye and up to Ullapool where we currently are for a few days. We're on the Bloomfield caravan park which is right on the edge of the town and has fantastic sunset views out to sea, can totaly recommend this place. As for our Wilma, she is plodding along steadily, we have a small oil leak but nothing to serious so topping up every trip is doing the trick there, she is still running low on power as she did last year on our cornwall trip so will defo need to investigate this further when we get home. She's managing 40 ish on the flats so we'll get there, just a little later than thought lol.
    I'll get the photos loaded up once I'm home but the views are fantastic and if anyone is still pondering over the idea of a west coast of scotland tour I'd say get in your van and come here, its definitely worth it, I've travelled to lots of countries with my work but this place ranks in the top spots and its right here on our doorstep. I did Cornwall and back from the East coast of Scotland last year so there really is no reason for people not to do the opposite and come see for yourselves, it really would be a shame for all you guys and gals not to experience this for yourselves, pictures don't do the reality justice.
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  20. How are the midges? Me and a mate are thinking of popping up in the last week of August. For a few days and this was his first thought.

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