Heading to the West of Scotland for two weeks touring.

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  1. Well the summer is fast approaching and this year we've decided to stay in Scotland, going to head over to the West coast for another epic journey (last year we did the west coast route down to Cornwall and back up the East side to Scotland)

    Planning is well under way with provisional ideas for stops, so we'll see how it goes, fingers crossed we don't need to have the engine pulled this year for the crankshaft oil seal to be replaced lol.


    If anyone can suggest some top tips to alter the journey or has ideas for campsites please feel free to let us know, these are ideas just now mainly based on breaking the journey up.

    We're due to leave in mid July so maybe will see some of you guys and girls out there, let us know if your going to be in the area and we'll keep an eye out for you all.

    I'll update how the journey went when we make it back, if we make it back that should be :) lol.


    Just so you know who to look out for, this is Our Wilma.
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  2. Next job is to sort a load of spares to take with us to cover the basic gremlins we might encounter, anyone got top tips of what to carry ? Have the basics already, coil, cap, leads, points, condensor, fan belt, jump leads, jerry can. Also have a basic tool box with a small selection of spanners, screwdrivers and sockets and a test meter, again further ideas welcome.

    Just with being in the middle of nowheresville think we need to be prepaired lol :)

    Oh and we've spare oil for topping up the oil self renewal system lol lol
  3. Looks like a great trip. Whatever you carry it'll be something you don't have that breaks.
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  4. Ain't that always the truth lol
  5. Heading up that way myself in July , hope to cross oil slicks :thumbsup:
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  6. Hopefully, although preferably without to big an oil slick lol, that was last years disaster :-D
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  7. When I was based in Faslane in the early 80s I used to do a similar journey up to the north coast very often. Your route looks perfect but I would plan on spending more time up at the far north, to me it's the most beautiful place on earth
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  8. Thanks for the tip, its been really hard narrowing it down to what we have there now as the more we look the more there is we want to see. Hoping we'll be able to get another run to just a more localised spot later in the summer and then we'll be back for more next year.
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    While you're near Mallaig it's worth the side trip to Sandaig. This is Camusfearna which Gavin Maxwell wrote about in "Ring Of Bright Water". If you get there put a pebble on his grave & one on the grave of Edal for me
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  10. We done a similar North of Scotland trip at Easter and it was absolutely fantastic with breathaking views at every turn, every one was like a Colin Prior photograph.
    I made a point of going straight up to John O'Groats, think you've got to really then coming down the west coast.

    We stayed at a campsite just outside Thurso called Dunnet Bay Caravan Site http://www.caravanclub.co.uk/carava...n-sites-and-parks/SiteDetails.aspx?csid=21872. The facilites were excellent with spectacular views of the bay. There is a nice hotel serving good food within easy walking distance. Not alot else to do other than nice walks. Can't remember how much it was but recall thinking it was a bit on the expensive side for a stay with hook up.

    At this time of year take a very good insect repellant as the west coast is renound for it's midge population!!!
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  11. Will do, I'll look that up before I go.
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  12. Thanks for the tip, we undecided whether to cram John O'Groats in on this trip or to just make a seperate trip for that area later in year.

    Susan has already got the Avon skin so soft cream to repel the midgies, going to get some midgie candles to and see what else I can find to hang off the van to deter the little beasties
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  13. To be honest John O'Groats doesn't have much going for it other than being a landmark, in fact it's not even the most northerly point, just had to do it.
    Only lasted about 5mins outside because it was blowing a gale and was bloody freezing.
    My suggestion if your up that far is to do it but don't make it the focus of another trip because it's just a pole on a hill which I will probably will never visit again.


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  14. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    clutch cable and accelerator cable, even if you can't fit it a local mechanic can do it a lot quicker than waiting for the part.
    i'd love to tour scotland but the fuel bill would put me off!
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  15. Agreed, think I saw £1.46 ltr for unleaded and average was around £1.34 ltr.
  16. Top idea, have ordered those today plus the crucial Fan belt, had clean forgotten about that one, could have been a disaster. As for the fuel bill, I'm trying not to think about it lol, I'll just need to coast down all the hills and I should be ok lol.
  17. To be fair its the same story at Lands End in Cornwall, at least you can get a nice warm pasty down there lol.

    Nice looking van by the way :)
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  18. Plan to do Lands End at some point, shame we don't make more of these land marks, it should be warmer anyway.

    Sorry can't take credit for the van, its a hire http://www.cartyscampers.com/ as my van is undergoing major surgery. Carty's Campers are a small family business with top quality reliable vans. They are really nice people too who are genuinely interested in you as a customer just not the colour of your money.
  19. We are going to be up on the west coast in July also.A great campsite is at Arisaig on the way to Mallaig.
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  20. When I first bought my camper we spent every summer and sometimes an odd autumn up there, it's all beautiful but of course it is a lottery with the weather but hey fingers crossed for you.

    I made this very rough google map for some German friends with some of my highlights which might be of use to you both -


    i would strongly suggest taking a left turn just north of Ullapool into Inverpolly, climb up to Stac Pollaidh and camp at this fab but basic campsite at Achiltibuie (might have now closed but a new one has opened up close by over looking the Summer Isles), probably my favourite area up there especially in late June if the weather behaves !

    Have a fab trip !

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