Handbrake cable tubes

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Mark Darby, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. 4 for the bus - 2xhandbrake and 1 for each end of the clutch. A couple somewhere on the buggy probably. 4 spares :). This is assuming the size is right this time! Otherwise I am becoming a rubber bellows collector.
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  2. You are probably best gobbing loads of grease in the end .
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  3. Bugger. That's another 10x small bellows added to my collection. Whilst I know the accelerator cable bellows would do the job, they're £15 each and I need six of them. Any other suggestions for a cheap fix please?
  4. There shouldn't be much friction. One piece of heatshrink on about 4" of the cable where it passes through the grommet with some grease should do it. The hole is 4.5mm and it's a 3mm cable. We'll see :)
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  5. Do you ever sleep?
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  6. Mornings. I don't do mornings! And you?
  7. Fingers crossed they fit and last
    I’m glad your being the guinea pig for this so I can eventually buy something that’s suitable.

    Something decent as gear shift rod boots next please mark
    Oh and windscreen wiper spindle rubbers and .......
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  9. I am a night owl...
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  10. Funnily enough I'm fitting the gear shift stuff today - just the std rubbers for now .
    I used normal grommets for the wiper spindle rubbers - out of my mystery box, so I've no idea what size they are. The trick is to coat them in red rubber grease, it preserves the rubber and makes it last longer and refitting the wiper motor is as easy as slipping a greasy thing in a greasy hole :D
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  11. Steady :eek:!
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  12. I had a quid with myself on who would like that one - I won!
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  13. I'm getting too predictable...
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  14. I’ve been using red rubber grease but the rubber stuff I’ve had from vw heritage still falls apart
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  15. Ah. Nothing stops cheese from disintegrating then :D
  16. It appears not
    Even my fuel filler neck perished without even seeing a drop of fuel
  17. The more of these rubbery bits we can find from alternative sources and made of newer materials the better.
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  18. Assuming they're made of better materials ;)
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