Handbrake cable tubes

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  1. Slowly assembling all the bits that I've bought over the last two years. I fitted the new handbrake cables today and noticed that the the carrier tubes at the front end of the bus are open. Where the cables go in from the front there is no grommet/bellows/weatherproofing. I greased the cables for a bit of protection but I'm surprised that, given these tube ends are not under a belly pan, there's nothing to stop water going in. Quite possible that the PO left them out - can anybody please tell me if there is normally something to protect them?
  2. From memory, there’s a rubber boot that goes over the end of the conduit tube. If you buy them from VWH, they’ll fall to pieces after three months.
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  3. Is there a better supplier? Presumably the clutch cable tube should have something similar?
  4. I just checked usual suspects and can't find a reference to anything for the handbrake tubes but can find a clutch one. I'm thinking the clutch one should fit the handbrake tubes. What do you think?
  5. Exactly this
  6. Yep! Complete rubbish.
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  7. Please would you recommend a better one or any ideas for home-made?
  8. I’ve never found one. Mine are still hanging off under the van.
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  9. Hmmmm .... I'll get my thinking cap on.
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  10. Bicycle inner tube with ormiston wire...
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  11. What is omniston wire? Like the inner tube idea.
  12. It's what the yachties use when splicing ropes and anchor chains :)
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  13. Like a whipping? Can't find it via Google.
  14. Ormiston sorry I misspelled in my first post
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  15. Just twists round very tight and shouldn't snap.
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  16. Or a cable tie
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  17. Whipping?! They should be tied to the capstan and flogged!
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  18. Stop being practical ;)
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  19. What about using a length of heatshrink sleeve? Long enough to allow cable movement when you put the handbrake on. Just apply heat at both ends to grip the tube and the cable - would the heatshrink material stand up to all the movement?
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  20. It could go on and on....

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