Handbrake cable tubes

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Mark Darby, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Or the rubber bellows that are on the back end of the heater cables??
  2. That’s a poss. Unfortunately, they fall to pieces as well :(
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  3. Knicker elastic?
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  4. Think I've found a solution. Will post pics when they arrive and if it works!
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  5. Durex?
  6. That'd work!
  7. Plain or ribbed? Tricky.
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  8. Ribbed=bellows ;)
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  9. Give us a clue mark.
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  10. No! Don't spoil the surprise!
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  11. They'll be here tomorrow and they're black and made of rubber :p
  12. :eek:
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  13. This is usually the point in a thread where someone mentions @Barry Haynes and then someone else posts a picture that puts us off our dinner...
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  15. Have they arrived yet?
    I’ve not slept all night I’ve been that excited
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  16. I know I know, cruel of me. They arrived but unfortunately the muppet who measured them had a faulty ruler to a factor of 2!
  17. Well the idea was sound :rolleyes:
    The search goes on....
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