Grey cells fading

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Mark Darby, Apr 22, 2020.

  1. Have I put the engine mount brackets, engine mounts and crossmember on the right way round? It's so long since I took it off and I can't find any pics? I think it only goes together one way.
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  2. When I click on that link, I just get pictures of ladies with large breasts :eek:
  3. Yes it does only go one way.
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  4. I'm going so slowly. Had to make the bolts for the fan as it was held on with odds and sods before. Had some nice new 50mm 10.9 brights that I shaved down to 45mm.
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  5. you jammy git :D
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  6. God knows what Mark’s been looking at...
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  7. Certainly not what I saw :eek:
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  8. A very tidy workspace :)
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  9. ...and a very clean fan housing!
    Painted or polished?
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  10. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Like the Turbines on the bug, very A Team van!
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  11. It's actually powder coat "chrome". Pretty good from a few feet away :)
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  12. Thank you, they're Wolfrace Turbos, my favourite wheel.
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  13. Mine looked good when it was first done.
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  15. I think the title of this thread is going to become a multi-recurring theme for me.

    Would somebody please tell me if there is supposed to be some sort of grommet in the hole where the wires go in through the plate on the back of the alternator? I've got a new elbow for the air intake from the fan housing (although it's a really sloppy fit in the fan housing - even with the internal wire clip).
  16. Told you it was grey cell fade!
    Found it :rolleyes:
  17. Good bit of progress this afternoon. Might even get the engine in this weekend.
    I'm hoping it will become apparent but can anyone tell me what the bottom end of the alternator bracket bolts to? You can see it sticking out on the bottom right.
  18. Heat exchanger.
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  19. Perfect. Thanks Nick
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  20. More unnecessarily powder coated bits I think. Am I right in thinking that if I'm running twin Webers that I don't need these two bits - it looks like they're to feed hot air to the standard carb set up.

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