Gloucester group?

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  1. Just been reading this thread and realised I must have nodded off because I don't know how I missed the Burford outing.
    Trying to think of places we could meet up. Has anyone tried the Highwayman at Birdlip? Just wondering because it's got a very big car park. Visible from the road we'd make a nice show for passers by.
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  2. Not to far for me I'd be up for this anyone else
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  3. Not sure really, it's going to be a bit far for the Oxford guys? As it was changed to glos, Oxon and wilts we tried to pick somewhere central, picked Burford as it's four miles from the field and we could meet there on summer evenings, I don't mind tbh, maybe a revolving meet with three venues to cover the three counties?
  4. Revolving is a good idea. There might be those who wouldn't go to Burford but might go to another venue. Plus going to the same place might get stale after a while.
  5. I'd be cautious of the Highwayman, it's known for 'certain' activities, turning up in something with a bed in could prove interesting! :eek:
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  6. You convinced me. I'm in! :D
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  7. Burford is good get something in place bud I'm easy don't mind traveling !! Wanna try get round as many as poss this year
  8. Has anything been arranged yet? I'm based in cheltenham and hoping to have the ban back on the road with the next two months...
  9. We had an initial get together at the Gateway, Burford, seems a nice central location and great for me as im about 100 yards away :burp:just need to get our arses in gear and arrange another one
  10. Weekend of 3rd august.
  11. Your just saying that because you want loads of pressies!
  12. Might be! ;)
  13. That's the Dubstock Leominster weekend. Haven't been before but thought I'd have a nosey at it.
  14. It's also when there is camping down my field so prob not a good idea for a meet unless your staying
    BUT you are all welcome to drop off pressies for the birthday boy aka Glynn
  15. Im in the Forest of dean in Glos. I know this is an old thread. FYI
  16. I'm Ross-on-Wye

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  17. Did a Gloucester/Cotswolds club or group ever get going? We are based in Gloucester itself :)
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  18. Tewkesbury here.

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