Gloucester group?

Discussion in 'V Dub Clubs' started by dobbersvwbus, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. Yepp. Found it. About an hour from home so provided the old bus can make it ;) I'm up for it... would the landlord be cool with me sleeping in the bus so I could have a few beers?
  2. you know what I am inspired by this thread maybe we need a Norfolk/Suffolk one, there are two or three very good clubs round here but they meet during the week in Norfolk , no way with kids and work ..............
  3. Hi Row... weekdays tough for me too but need someone to talk vdub stuff to... not far off being banned from boring my wife... somehow she hasn't caught the bug yet even though I treated her to a day at busfest on her birthday weekend!
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  4. For a 1st get together is there any nights people cant make?, we can sort out a permanent night over a beer or three, Mondays are awkward for me but i could make it at a push
    Im sure Glynn would ask the landlord as he knows him
  5. Wednesdays or Fridays best for me...
  6. Landlord would have no issues, TBH there's enough room outside my house for 3 or 4 buses anyway.
    Burford has 11 pubs within a half mile radius, a good night out me thinks.
    Fridays would be good, let's get it organised!
    @Keith.H and I would be happy to sort I'm sure.
  7. Hi dobbersvwbus. We're just a couple of miles North of you. Did you camp over at the Nibley festival in July? There were a few bays there.
    The Bristol based Krazy Dub Club used to meet up at Dursley cricket club every other month. Not sure if they still do or not.
  8. Are we talking about camping up overnight? Cause I rather like my beer and Mrs Sydney doesn't drive the van.
  9. Hi Sydney. I live right next to the Nibley festival field (and was also involved in running it for the first few years) so didn't camp over! Posted on Krazy Dub Club re a meet on 15th Sept and although it's been viewed, no response re dates, hence why I started checking on TLB. Mrs D doesn't / won't drive the bus either (nor has she yet to be convinced to sleep in it!) so I'm either a party-pooper on the diet cokes or have to camp up overnight... As you're so close by fancy a quick beer one night next week for a natter? We could have a pint or two at the Black Horse in North Nibley? Cheers
  10. Any night would be good for me Friday better no work the next day a few sherries and kip in the bus!!
  11. That would be good except next week is a bit busy and the van MOT is due Friday so any free time will get filled. I'll PM you during next week.
  12. No pressure Sydney. Good luck with MOT
  13. Hi everyone. It's all gone a bit quiet re get together... is this due to lack of interest?... or are we all thinking it may be best to wait til the spring if a few of us plan to sleep over in the buses, now we're heading towards colder weather? Cheers.
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  14. I'm seeing Glynn on Tues, we were going to talk about it then.
    Do peeps want to leave it til spring?
    Or do something sooner?
  15. I'd be up for a meet up in the next few weeks.
  16. Next few weeks would suit me, too
  17. I was waiting for a date im up for any time as long as its after 5pm or a Saturday?
  18. Hi guys, I live right in Gloucester although I may be a bit old and boring to fit in your circle - but if you're having any girlies along let me know. I'd like to expand my VW social circle a bit.
  19. I'm sure everyone would be welcome.
    Seeing Andy (the landlord) after Keith pops down. Date available soon. :thumbsup:
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  20. OK, current thoughts are Friday 18th October OR Friday 1st November, anyone up for that?
    Moving forwards, we could hold meets next year in @Keith.H 's field, which is only 2 miles away and has a pub and cricket club next door.

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