Gloucester group?

Discussion in 'V Dub Clubs' started by dobbersvwbus, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. I might be sounding silly now! But I had my bus for 5 years before I realised if you turn the headlight switch it turns the panel lights on and off! I don't drive it in the pitch dark that often so never realised!
  2. @Mark&Laura You're a genius, Simplest fix ever! Wonder what other surprises lay in store!
    Far more exciting that having an Owner's Manual
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  3. Not just a pretty face!
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  4. That's another new one to me, too!
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  5. Sounds like all went well last night... any plans for next get together? Springtime?
  6. How about a chrimbo get together?
  7. I'm from Tetbury so about an hour drive from me but I'd be happy to meet up. What nights are you guys planning?
  8. Spring camp maybe, two Summer camps defo and maybe a pub meet once a month starting Easterish?
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  9. Trying my hardest to get my bus done ready to go for spring it will hopefully be ready but it might look a bit ugly and a mismatch of colour
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  10. I'm only in Droitwich but I'll be up for a meet hope to get my bus up and running next few weeks !! So keep us posted guys !
  11. Most of ours look like that!
    Keith's is orange, black and white, Chris's is black, red, white and rust, my Doka is blue, green, orange and primer.
    Even Ted is beige, mustard, white and rust.
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  12. Oi you dissing my van, banana....... You missed out orange inside lol
  13. I may come next time if I'm not working, it took me about 1 1/2 hrs to get back from banana hq today so I may have to sleep on the drive :)
  14. So you went past my gaffe without stopping?, i was in all afternoon
  15. We did consider stopping and stealing stuff. ;)
  16. Hi all. Sadly sold my bus at the weekend... Found I didn't have the time and more importantly a deep enough wallet to keep the restoration moving along... So I think I no longer qualify for the gathering... Cheers Glenn ;(
  17. Good luck with finding anything worthwhile
  18. Sorry fella didn't know you were home, Glynn did try and get me to strip a few bits off your van on the way home :)
    I'll pop in on my next visit :)
  19. You gotta watch him, led many astray, so i hear :D
  20. Near monmouth so not too far if it this side of the county

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