Fuel shortages.

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  1. Cosham you were neighbours ... I was brought up in Drayton.
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    Blimey. He lived on the London rd in one of those 30’s semis. Did you play up the forts too?
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  3. Where on London Rd were the semis ... we did go up the first but more likely down to Drayton Park.
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    Virtually below the fort is it Waterloo?
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    I read an article about the football rivalry between Pompey and Plymouth - the dockyard derby.
    Not one I've heard of before, but obvious when you think about it.
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    Widley I just googled it as I couldn’t remember
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  7. Keep up ;)
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  8. It ocurred to me the other day that the shortages of fuel may have been caused by WFH. Over the last year or so, folk have been commuting / driving less. They've been buying less petrol & presumably the garages haven't been stocking up quite as regularly. Now everybody's favourite fluffy bunny Boris has told everyone to go back to the office & more folk have been buying more fuel and it's possible that the garages didn't adapt to increased sales quite as quickly as they might have done.
  9. Sadly fuel is becoming a weapon of blackmail and now we hear the French are threatening to cut off the electricity we buy from them unless we comply with their EU Brexit terms and no doubt they will bring fishing into it. They would cut off our air supply if they could, nasty lot.
  10. obviously one of them weee ed in his petrol Jerry can, while he went off to pay. Every little bit helps! Might even be better than the sticky stuff, E10 I mean :)
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    Just been looking through the " news" items on Google....one said how that most petrol companies have removed the limits on how much you can buy, then in an article in the Liverpool Echo's has the headline " warning for drivers buying petrol next week " ... turns out petrol will be going up due to wholesale prices ... cue more queues at the pumps.

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