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    Haha, it was that or some old telephone wire.
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    Is that speaker wire from you?
  3. Heathen!;)

    Glad you're pleased with the results...:thumbsup:
  4. Yes sorry that what I meant
  5. Twin and earth is good stuff, works well as speaker cable. Some people prefer the sound of solid core to stranded cable. The only real downside is that it's very thick and stiff (so difficult to work with). It's also more expensive than a lot of "proper" speaker cable.
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    :) Nah! Just too lazy to drive 24 miles to buy the proper stuff and too impatient to order it online and wait.
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    Thought so, it's a nice offer but based on what @tommygoldy 's written I may as well stick with me twin and earth. Thanks for the offer though. :thumbsup:
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    I based my decision on the fact that with thicker cable all the music notes could flow along it without getting squeezed up and distorted.
    Also on the fact that it was the second cable I found in my shed, the first was thin seven core phone cable and even I drew the line at using that.
  9. Perfectly sensible. :)

    You're right that thicker is better. It makes more of a difference if you're running long lengths though, which is unlikely in a car. For a short run pretty much any copper cable is OK and IME you have to listen pretty hard to hear any difference between cables. That said, in terms of what you'll find in the shed, twin and earth is about as good as it gets. The words below are not my own, but one audiophile's view of t&e. Probably needs to be taken with a large pinch of salt, but at least in this case it's not sales BS. o_O

    how would you describe the sound?
    Liquid mids, taut bass but a tad parched and powdery at the top end in most systems.
    Nice wide sound stage but the layering you obtain from a good stranded cable is curtailed.
    Sweeter than stranded silver but less detail down at the micro level as skin effect kicks in.

    The cable is directional but you will have to determine correct direction by listening.
    You can make the cable non-directional by taking thin strips of foil (kitchen foil is fine) cut into strips about an inch long and placing these around the cable - one every 8 inches or so is fine. The foils also encourage high frequencies away from the centre on the conductors, forcing them along the conductor skin, thereby countering skin effect.
    Connecting the centre earth conductor at the amplifier end only will have similar effect.
    Connecting at the loudspeaker end should be avoided as the higher source impedance (compared to amplifier ground) will make matters worse.

    As with any solid core cable, keep the cable absolutely straight, as kinks will break the copper crystals creating micro diodes - the major cause of treble grain in audio systems.
    Thinner copper strands found in stranded cables are less prone to this effect.

    Observe those precautions and you have an excellent cable.

  10. I think this guy needs to buy some Pear Anjou from micro diodes;)
    check out the retail prices....:lol:

    we used Van Damme in the studios....but cheap as chips mic cables, on account of people Roger Daltery-ing them on a regular basis:D
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    Listening to mine today and I could feel the effects of my nice thick twin and earth speaker cable.

    The first thing I noticed was that my cable too, was unidirectional, absolutely all the noise came out of the speaker ends and absolutely none out of the stereo ends.

    Now onto the sound experience...

    I sensed a butterfly light touch on the trebles underlying a rich wide valley of sound forming the clouds of arpeggiated synth notes and vapourised voices rolling atop pillow-soft, droning bass.
    “I would describe it as a beautiful and sensitive journey full of the sounds of purples and deep wine reds. I felt deep earthy notes with a hint of sharp acid on the high notes. Supported by the lush, velvety mid tones this setup coupled with run of the mill twin and earth delivers a truly mind expanding experience.

    What Stereo Scores out of /10

    Sound Quality 50/10
    Cost comparison to Pear Anjou Cables 4,000,000/10
    Chances of finding it in your shed 100/10
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    :eek: My whole van cost less than a twelve foot pair. :eek:
  13. What were you listening to? Can you do me a tape?
  14. [​IMG]I picked up a new rekid player the other day, battery powered so I can play it in the van.
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    Max Bygraves, Sing Alonga Max. I'll do you a cassette in the morning. :thumbsup:
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  16. That's cool, but what you really want is a slot loading one a bit like this:

    They only work with 7" 45s with the jukebox centre cut out, but are pretty much skip proof (they still play whilst being moved or turned upside down) and so simple to use that you can load singles while you drive. I used to keep one under the dashboard...sheer luxury listening to vinyl while driving.

    Actually what would be good would be a turntable with a 12v input and a built in preamp so you could connect it to the car system... one of these would work. I wonder where I would put it...
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  17. We had one of the slot players in an old humber hawk with a bunch of Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry records. The Spinnerette is a great name..
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  18. Thread revival.....

    I just bought some new door cards and new speakers to go in them. However, I can't bring myself to cut the door cards!

    I have two 6x9s in the rear but would like something up front.

    What ones did you buy in the end @sANDYbAY?

    Don't want to spend too much...
  19. Did this post in the forum error last night?!

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