Freckle's long overdue slow resto

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  1. Hi all... We've had Freckle, our '79 2l Sheldon high top for seven years or so and have done a fair bit of work on the inside and sorted out some patch welding here and there where necessary, but now I've had to take the engine out to sort an oil leak I guess it's time to start looking at the bottom six inches, so thought I'd share progress here.

    I've not been too worried about Freckle's exterior appearance as most of it's just cosmetic, but I've been amassing a collection of panels over the last couple of years, including:
    - whole front panel
    - both front arches (VW, not Klokercrap)
    - new door skin
    - replacement body cut roof (Freckle's gutters are knackered but I'm keeping the high top!)
    - rear bumper

    I've recently sourced replacement rear corners and battery trays so the only other main panels I'll need are sills and rear arches for both sides, aside from other bits 'n bobs here and there.

    Having taken the engine out, I found that one of the rear chassis legs was knackered but the other side was fine. I've cut out the engine bay top plates as repairs a garage had done previously (with the engine in) were substandard, but that gives me easier access to fit the chassis leg repair panel (from Schofield's) and clean up the rest of the area. I can replace the original engine bay side panels once everything else is sorted.

    I've posted some piccies here and will update this thread as I make progress, but it'll be slowish as it's weekends only, when it's not raining! When it's raining, I'll work on the engine to replace the push rod tubes and flywheel seal, while cleaning everything else up.

    Hope you enjoy reading/viewing/taking the proverbial! As ever, all advice and suggestions would be hugely appreciated![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Looking forward to watching this, just done the front arches on mine and looking to replace the front panel rl in the coming weeks,
    Good luck with the work

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  3. Good luck with the resto Andrew, keep the pics coming!
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  4. Thanks Sam. I've been watching Rosie's Resto with interest but you're away ahead of me so I suspect you'll be getting to your front panel before me. Cracking work with Rosie so far.

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  5. Well. I was joking a few weeks ago when I teased you about fixing the bodywork.

    ...but all the time you'd been stashing quality flies on you. :)
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  6. Good luck!
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  7. Gotta admit, Zed, that cut to the core, but after a little weep I pulled myself together and got cracking!

    To be honest, it I've been putting it off as I like to use the bus as often as possible but knew that once I started hacking away at the crusty bits I'd be at it for ages. I think the oil leak did me a favour!

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  8. Good luck with the resto, some of the worst areas on my van have been from when a patch has been welded in to satisfy the MOT test and the rot has not been cut out, other areas you think will be bad are a pleasant surprise!
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  9. Not had much time to work on Freckle over the last few days but managed to cut some rot out of the left side rear chassis leg and was pleasantly surprised by the condition inside. Started cutting out the worst side - the right side - too but was interrupted by the call for tea! Managed to get the original engine side panels cleaned up and primed, ready to go back in eventually.
    20200514_164251.jpg 20200514_180952.jpg 20200514_195531.jpg 20200514_180936.jpg 20200514_195317.jpg
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  10. So, spurred on by @zedders advice to 'sort my body issues out' I grabbed my trusty angle grinder and began cutting. Seven hours later and I've managed to cut out all the crusty stuff from one corner. Although it looks quite dramatic, it's not as bad as I expected and there's nothing that worries me too much.

    Interesting to see that there was not just one previous corner repair, but two, and the amateurs who did the last one just welded it in top of the previous one!!

    Rather annoyingly, I had to cut out all the work I'd paid a garage to do previously as they'd just welded over the rust instead of cutting it out. Also realised that the battery tray they'd replaced on the left hand side was actually a right-hand tray but they welded it in upside down on the left side!!!

    Glad I'm doing it myself this time... at least I know it'll be done properly![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  11. You're milking this a bit. :)
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  12. Sorry! I'll let it lie now!!! Was just the advice I needed, anyway

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  13. Today's task was making a load of repair patches and welding them in. All was going well until I ran out of gas for the last three plug welds, which I'll need to re-do!

    Ordered new rear arches from Schofields too so it looks like this is going to be a big job![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  14. Grindings in the bell housing alert.
  15. Oh oh! Guess that's not good?

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  16. The throw out bearing won't like it and it's easier to cover than clean out after. :)
    Looking good on this side? Your rust appears well contained if you know what I mean - what's not rusty looks in good order.
  17. Why do people do this? That's a rhetorical question of course as some PO probably paid a fortune to someone to repair Freckle's corners in a previous life, but it's shameful work whatever they paid!

    At least it's being done properly this time![​IMG]

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  18. So today's attention was directed to the rear RHS corner. Same situation as the other rear corner, the repair panel had simply been welded on top of the rusty original!

    Having cut the old corner and rubbish quality battery tray away I was able to cut out the rotten chassis leg and tidy up the whole area. The new chassis leg repair panel is now cut to size and clamped in place ready to welding tomorrow... as long as the wind drops and the rain stays away![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  19. that's some crusty metal you have hidden. small steps and all that will rid it steadily!
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  20. Got a bit further on today... chassis leg repair section welded in and all primed up.

    Must say, it makes a huge difference to the weld quality with a proper argon/CO2 cylinder instead of using the disposable hobby weld canisters! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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