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  1. the flag was for weaving on the straight wasn't it though? not for running lewis off the road?

    the stewards were quick to penalise hamilton (again) after the race for loosening his seat belts in order to get a brazilian flag from a marshall.. :rolleyes:
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  2. The fines don’t really hurt the drivers being multi millionaires, but don’t you think the fines should be donated to good causes/ charities :thinking:
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    Wouldn't that lead to more fines so F1 can look good about the amount they are "collecting" for charity?
  4. Good point. Just so much money in the sport.
  5. It was a great weekend all in... F1 is at it's best when something changes the norm!

    I vote for Max being demoted to last for the next three races for a racing with duct tape on his rear wing. :D
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  6. I think i've said before, all tracks should be fitted with a sprinkler system, set for random operation throughout the weekend :)

    Hmmm... how about, they BOTH have to start at the back, side by side, would be great to see them fighting to come through the traffic/ fight each other to get into the points :D
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  7. A reverse grid had been suggested for the sprint race but was rejected by most of the teams
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    Which is sensible - that kind of thing is sort of ok now and again, but if it's given the green light drivers will be forcing each other off the track every time someone tries and go around the outside. Which is it? The rule needs clarification.
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  10. It’s funny, at the beginning of the season (or last, I don’t recall) Norris got a soft penalty for this, as did Gasly (iirc) and now this more significant one doesn’t!

    Teflonso at US GP with Raikonen as well…

    Consistency is important so we all understand the rules.

    I think Mercs are clutching at straws, but there are a lot of thoughts that the championship will be decided by 1 point, so every little helps
  11. I get the feeling Red Bull have bought the championship. Horner sees no evil from his driver who if he carries on in this way will be responsible for the death of another driver. Didn’t bat an eyelid after parking on Hamiltons head. Recall him being violent towards bottas too. Shame neither driver actually took the bait tbh. And gave him a good slap. He is a psychopath and a petulant child. Talented… well yes. When merc win it’s because they have a faster car. When red bull do it it’s skill (despite their car being faster) as for channel 4 and Coulthard saying it was a racing incident and the stewards should stay out of it. Well there’s an unbiased opinion from a bloke that’s on the red bull payroll! (Easily googled).
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  12. Wolff post-race interview was interesting - he wasnt' saying it should have been a penalty (he actually wants to see wheel-to-wheel / on the edge racing like the rest of us fans) but his point was exactly this ^ if the stewards say that crowding is against the rules, and have applied penalties for this in the past (which they have) then they should be consistent - max's driving is compared to other incidents that have carried a penalty previously should have been a slam-dunk..
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  13. So, stewards looked at it again, said "nah..." case closed :D

    TBH although i thought max was out of order i just want to see them race hard and have this thrashed out on track, not in a meeting room. I suspect there will be consequences of this ruling though, seems it might make it a LOT harder to pass on the outside now lol.
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    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    I suppose it depends how you look at it - maybe passing on the outside only really became a possibility due to the rule effectively outlawing defence. We know rules have been made up to encourage overtaking, but now the cars are more evenly matched some of those look outdated
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  15. Well, that was....... interestingo_O
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  16. Even on t'wireless it sounded memorable...
    Lots of stewardship occurring and shenanigans from the usual culprits but a winner was declared and despite Vs efforts H will do the business.
    One point became obvious from today was V was quite willing to collect H as he had nothing to lose if both failed to finish - how very Ferrari-esque...

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  17. Wow!! Not sure how I’m going to get to sleep now!!

    Next week should be tasty!!!
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  18. Saw it on YouTube..

    Were there only the 2 not very good drivers,.. in the race..:p
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  19. Epic race - it really is a memorable championship. Real prost/senna echos. Max had nothing to lose in Jeddah - at every opportunity drove Lewis off the track. He'd prefer to have a crash that takes them both out rather than let Lewis overtake.

    Seems we're back to where we were with stewards giving penalties which was strangely the opposite of the incident in Brazil where max did exactly the same and didn't get penalised. I'm not a fan of penalties but i don't see what other options there are - max pushed lewis wide and was penalised for it twice, plus stomped on the brakes to cause a collision you have to say that's just dirty driving.

    Level scores going in to the last race- if you wrote this as a film script you'd be accused of over dramatising :D
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  20. Its a stupid dangerous track and should never have been used.

    It’s as if they decided to build a track just for crash/incident entertainment to spice up the end of the season.

    Any track that has that many red flags/SC/VSC in good weather isn’t fit for purpose.

    As for the Lewis/Max incident 6 of one half a dozen of the other.
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