Fitting MGF Seats

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  1. Anyone got any info /links on this? I've searched but can only find pictures of fitted seats not the installation
  2. There is an article in Camper & Bus (Sept 2013) that has the full installation instructions.
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  3. Nice one,any idea where I can get a copy?
  4. Just Kampers had a copy, ordered, thanks again for that!
  5. I have a copy will try and scan it.
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  6. Cheers, I'd appreciate that just incase I end up with the November copy
  7. I have scanned them pm me your email address and I will forward them to you they are a PDF File (Adobe).
  8. PM sent,or at least I hope it was, I'm still finding my way around TLB
  9. just mailed it let me know if you got it :thumbsup:
  10. Cheers for that, you're a star mate :thumbsup:
  11. what do you want to know i'm in the process of fitting mine

    first thing i did was un-screw the seat belt mounting bracket as i already have the buckles fitted to the van

    next turn the seat up side down and cut off the sticky out brackets , leaving just the flat runners

    next drill 4 holes in the runners ( 1 in each corner ) and place a bolt on the holes

    drill 4 holes in the wheel arch tub lining up with the bolt holes

    bolt the seats in

    it's that simple

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  12. Thanks MB, that's pretty much what the magazine article says. We're not getting our bay for another 8 weeks or so, so we can't get hands on yet. I'm wondering if its possible to mimic the VW fitting by welding or creative drilling
  13. Can you send them to me too please? :)
  14. If you don't hear, PM me your email and I can forward mp's scan.
    It really is a p155 easy job, took a maximum of two hours start to finish
  15. It took me ages to cut the rear brackets off... :oops:

    Anyway, there's a few things the article glosses over:
    • You'll need to sit the runners on some sort of spacer (as there are integral rivets which prevent the runners sitting flush) - The article hints at using an M8 nut, but I used a stack of M8 penny washers to spread the load a bit.
    • It's much easier if you separate the seat back from the seat pad - carefully take off the plastic recliner trim & knob and you can access the T40 torx bolts which hold them together. Thanks to @chrisselby for this tip!
    • I swapped the drivers and passengers seats around, so the recliner mechanism is on the inside (otherwise you can't recline the seats with the doors closed...)
    • The drivers seat needs to be turned in slightly, as the steering wheel and pedals are offset. Do lots of trial fittings...
    • Ideally use hex cap head bolts, as they're high tensile steel (grade 12.9 vs 8.8 on a regular bolt).
    • You won't get a bolt head through the runner, so you'll either have to slide a nut in and bolt up from below, or as I did - notch the runners (one side only) with a Dremel and cutting disk.
    • You might as well paint the seat tubs & cab floor whilst the seats are out.

    Here's a pic - front & rear brackets cut off, but that cross-bar also has to go. On the left runner in the pic, you can see why you'll need spacers, as it won't sit flat.
  16. Can anyone let me have a copy of the instructions, I have a pair of seats being delivered today hopefully.
  17. Can anybody help with the length of bolts required, as you can't get high tensile steel off the shelf at your local B & Q?

  18. not much

    just the thickness of the seat runner and wheel arch tub + a bit for the nut
  19. would it be possible to get a copy
    of those fitting instructions aswell please. managed to grab myself a bargain set of mg zs seats from flea bay.☺☺

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