Favourite or most visited holiday destination in your life?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Poptop2, Dec 5, 2019.

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    It certainly is. We did a fortnight driving around it in our bay back in the early 80’s and people warned us not to, but we had the blessing of combaro Guiseppe. Best trip ever :thumbsup:
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  2. My mums side of the family come from the far north of Italy, and my previous partners family came from Cosenza in calabria.

    I can imagine her father being a Calabrian Gangster. He definitely had that way about him.
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  3. Tidy!
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  4. Terrordales

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    Either Alaska or Yosemite National Park for adventure holidays.
    The Maritimes of Canada.
    The lakes of northern Tasmania for fishing.
    In no particular order.
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  5. Would have to be Poole. Always seem to end up there. Used to holiday in a rather spiffy flat in Sandbanks as a kid, and worked there at dear old Plessey Telecoms (RIP).

    And Munich, my old second home. Too many cars and people these days.
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  6. Not a bad ol place to live! ;)

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  7. Still nice, although the traffic's diabolical these days. I don't think I'll be buying a pad in Sandbanks any time soon...
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  8. Traffic is ok if timed right. Too expensive for us to buy really. Probably not too far off moving back to Cambridgeshire to buy a place at some point. Need somewhere with a nice big workshop to work on stuff!

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  9. I did think Boscombe was on the up (I used to live round the back of the Crescent, where all the winos hang out), due to turn into Surfy City when they built the reef. That turned out to be a death trap, so Boscombe's back to crack houses and "adult services". Pity.
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  10. If you're a softy, Cambridge is a good place to be :thumbsup:.
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  11. Plenty of job opportunities for me up that way. Just need to update the CV! Plus we’d be near my ageing folks.

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  12. Go for it. If you’re any good, you can name your price.

    You’d have to mix with Cambridge types - you know the sort - but if they get too much, just punch them...
  13. most visited the Isle of Wight ...
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  14. Got to be the Lakes for me. A couple of spots in particular have featured at poignient times in my life!

    51B5E559-ADC9-4E08-8F1D-F55BC8390352.jpeg 76AB3783-1FD9-46FF-B52F-F60DA15AC980.jpeg
  15. Oi!
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  16. Awww ... Memories jogged.
    Summer holiday romance that got rekindled four years later.
    Dinghy sailing and water-skiing on Windermere.
    (Found myself facing backward on a disc as the storm that killed two broke .... Choppy water rain and lightning on an open expanse not the best :confused:)
  17. Been doing it for nearly 10 years now, not sure about the being good bit though!

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  18. Nice, bottom shot is Derwent Water, with Catbells climb in the back ground. Favourite site is Castlerigg Hall near there in Keswick.
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  19. Nowadays I see the beauty of the island more from the Solent
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  20. Gah. Get stuck in!
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