Favourite or most visited holiday destination in your life?

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  1. Dent, the Transylvania of Westmooland. Brilliant. Whitby, Magpie Cafe, also the cat’s ass.
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  2. Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall, specifically Gillan Creek. Memories of my family taking boat out into creek and fishing for mackerel. Real life Famous Five.
    Keswick in the Lake District is my perennial. Been there for years in a tent and last year went there for the first time in a classic camper van. Was like starting over again.

    Also like Argyll Scotland, looking out over a red, purple, west cost sunset to Jura and Mull. Mm
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  3. Cant do too much partying these days sadly. I'll try Agios Nicolos next time we're out there :D
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  4. :lol: Hodgson!

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  5. Porto Pollenca in Mallorca.
    Ex- in laws had a huge apartment so went every spring and autumn.
    Superb for climbing, cycling, walking and water sports.

    Tuscany. Got married there. Everything about it.

    Alps - specifically Champoluc in Italian Aosta valley. Very few Brits, no pretentious ‘apres-ski’ bull full of Henrys etc.
    Superb off piste and Ungroomed areas, no crowds.

    Isle of Wight for bus trips, or friend’s farm in Yorkshire Dales.

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  6. Aegina, Gulf of Athens.
    Been there a few times, twice in the bus.
    Got a nice spot where we can stay a week or so....roll on summer :thumbsup:
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  7. Most visited:
    Mundesley, Norfolk, as a kid every Summer.
    Went back last year as part of our annual bus trip to a section of coast ...
    after fifty years :eek: Barely changed.
    Favourite spot:
    Loutro (south coast of Crete) in the late 80's when it was still a tiny fishing village only accessable by small boat ... Smooth white rock below the waterline (so cold water!) and spikey black volcanic rock above (so the nearby cove deserted thanks to tricky walking)
    Most "transformative":
    Alpbach, Austria aged ten, with the British Junior Ski Squad (doesn't seem possible but there we are) first trip without parents, first and only experience of being on a glacier and having no choice but to pee in mi trousers (fifteen seconds of lushious warm followed by instant freeze :confused:), first bit of "girl action" and first and only dash outside into the rain so no one could see I was crying because I didn't want to go home :oops:
    Best overall:
    Two consecutive years of three months in mainly Northern Italy ... Venice for seven weeks then a week each in Rome and Florence ... then the next year hitchhiking all over.
    Kind of "immersion" for having to do a language paper at Uni the year after. That's my story anyway.
    @Poptop2 nice thread! :thumbsup:
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  8. Blinking Nora, more Transylvanian than I thought! :eek:
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  9. I absolutely loved it there this summer, glad we stayed in the old town too. I've just got to get better at the flying bit.
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  10. I seemed to have been to Lytham St Annes quite a few times over the past 5 years and a few times to Sandsend nr Whitby. I love both, though Sandsend is the quieter and the beach is better - then Whitby is a short walk along the beach, or a trespass through the golf course :oops:

    For an inland spot, it has to be Crickhowell/Llangattock in the Brecon Beacons. Lots of great pubs, the canal to cycle or walk along and the Brecons to explore and lots of places to hide away in the camper (even my big un).:cool:
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  11. Love Cornwall - not in the summer too busy - April through June and sept best times. Heading down to St ives next weekend to see the Christmas lights and get rained on and again at new year for the big fancy dress street party.

    Also Alvor in Portugal- been going for a long while so dead easy with the kids. Beaches are lovely, food is lovely and weather is lovely, pool is lovely, beer is lovely and cold. 3 weeks in the summer booked -woot.

    In the Bus it’s al about local weekend trips at the mo - pick up from school and drive an hour- anywhere really to get away. Local spot in Cheddar we named Bedlam Farm as full of kids running around having a great time.
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  12. Growing up we didn’t have many holidaysbut spent most weekends going to bike racing all over the Country.

    I do remember have a few great times on Exmoor and days out to studland.

    now I don’t have a favourite and tend to try different places as much as possible but we do like Pembrokeshire and Cornwall out of season and the new forest.
  13. next time you go, head to a little village called Parnormos, you’ll love it there, especially if you stay later at night.
  14. Northumberland coast. Beautiful quiet beaches stretching for miles. Very dog friendly too :thumbsup:
  15. Calabria = Bandit country
  16. Moons

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    Barry Island.
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  17. Unashamedly it’s Thailand for me, with 18 trips :D
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  18. I can’t choose between either one of these, so I’m having both. Either Orlando or St Maarten (Dutch side)
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  19. My mates been married to a Thai girl for years. I’m sure the cheap holidays every year for about six weeks has something to do with it. :)
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  20. Loads of different countries, wife was a travel agent. But Cornwall the most. Most favourite place, Falmouth. Most visited beach, Chesil, fishing.
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