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  1. Glad your finally sorted , looks great , you was very lucky , well done for getting it sorted :thumbsup:
  2. That looks rather clean and shiney! :cool:
  3. Ooh good as new! Looks brilliant.
  4. Yes - lots of new bits and tinware, engine cleaned and resprayed and firetec installed. The insurance and the budget i had for this years service and MOT covered everything so happy with that. (unless she fails the MOT today - still waiting to hear). And VWDU had a brand new set of white powder coated wheels going for cash so I've had those as well.

    This is the cause of all my woes - be warned....

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  5. Pic not working for me!
  6. nor me
  7. Ive only just realised he put a set of twin carbs on as well :)
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  8. It shows a stock single carb in your pic?
    Im glad your bus is all sorted and you can get back out enjoying it
  9. :oops: ignore me - getting a bit overexcited!!!!!!!
  10. Oh my days, and that's the bit I didn't get round to replacing !
  11. Id replace it sooner rather than later as more often than not they have never been changed and are shot
    This was mine

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  12. I did buy one and still have it but I was having difficulty removing the old one, so I left it for another day, which so far hasn't come! :eek:
  13. Yes - aside from the fuel hose, the petrol filler hose was shot - anyways MOT passed after some adjustment to the idler pin. We are back home - clean out and repack tomorrow morning - I also have 20 stickers to apply - may even charge down to Southend for the afternoon for a Rossi's!
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  14. If you can smell fuel then it definitely needs changing.
  15. I know :) I'll try and get round to this asap. It's one of those awkward jobs I keep leaving but you're right, I leave it at my peril really! Not that easy with the engine in though :(
  16. It's about an hours work - less than on a type4 engine.
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