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  1. shes gone off to VWDownunder to be assessed against the insurance report - Its amazing how much stuff you carry when you have to move it out and into your house
  2. If the agreed value is 8k it matters not what the Engineer says about value, but it may be worth suggesting to your insurers that their engineers do a little more research re: value, before they inspect vehicles - reckon this guy is used to modern cars/vans which have little residual value after 8-10 years!

    Hope the offer covers the damage ! Good luck.
  3. Maybe the current value is £4,000?
  4. The £8k is based on condition and to get a comparable vehicle is between £6500 and £8500. For £4k, you'd be looking at quite a bit of bodywork and interior efforts (in my view). It is what it is, I'm not selling so its a moot point. The insurance offer is based on the £8k valuation so hopefully will cover everything.
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    For £4k you get bugger all.
    Just saying.
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  6. I'm trying to understand how insurance claims work...so you get to keep the bus and they pay out £4K for repairs to bring it up to the £8K agreed value? When was the last agreed value assessment carried out? Over two years ago?
  7. @bode The van is valued at £8k - it is valued every year when I renew the insurance - I get an agreed valuation on it so if it were to be a complete write off I would be paid£8k, irrespective of what anyone thinks the value is. If I didnt have the agreed valuation then the insurer would offer me what they think the going rate is and if they took the assessors word that would be £4k.

    The assessor based his repair estimate on what he could see to repair the van and quoted £2400 to the insurer. Rather than take the van away and repair it themselves, they have offered me a cash in lieu settlement (of £2400). This means they will just send me the money and I will get the work sorted myself. This £2400 should cover all the repairs and should leave a little bit over and above for the inconvenience of sorting it myself. If the insurer sends it to a normal garage the costs they quote can spiral (as they are not VW experts) and the insurer may then decide to write the van off as the repair costs outweigh the value of the van. If that were to happen, then I would get the £8k and the insurer may let me buy the van for a reduced fee, but then again they may not.
  8. Tricky. £2400 doesn't go far...
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  9. Cheers for the explanation. So the question is, why did the assessor arrive at the £4K value and not the agreed value? Is £4K it's current banjaxed state?

    Depends how much love you have for your van, but it might be better to right it off if they give you a good price for buying it. A repairer is gong to charge £30 - £45 an hour plus the parts, it will get swallowed up very quickly (says the man who has handed out shed loads the last two years!)
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  10. That's where I am now - with my normal repairer for him to confirm that £2400 will cover it. If not he will quote and I will go back to the insurer to see if they will raise their offer. The assessors report has a reserve cost of £3100 on it so that suggests to me that they will go to that figure on the production of a valid quote - over that and ??????

    The £4k the assessor quoted was his view based on roadworthy state - he did also say that he doesnt normally deal with VW campers.......
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    Never accept an insurer's first offer....
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  12. [QUOTE="Mabel, post:

    The £4k the assessor quoted was his view based on roadworthy state - he did also say that he doesnt normally deal with VW campers.......[/QUOTE]

    Where abouts are you? I saw your thread being two hours from Latitude. If you are handy for Bury St Edmunds/ Ipswich, I know of a 'VW camper' motor assessor who done my agreed value, he might give you a better price being independent.
  13. Nightmare, having suffered this problem myself I carry 5 separate extinguishers as well as a fire blanket. Glad you all got out safe and the bus is not completely dead.
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  14. Where abouts are you? I saw your thread being two hours from Latitude. If you are handy for Bury St Edmunds/ Ipswich, I know of a 'VW camper' motor assessor who done my agreed value, he might give you a better price being independent.[/QUOTE]
    Down in Rainham Essex. No worries - its agreed for this year until January when I will submit the same valuation again and see what they think of that.
  15. I will risk your scorn to add my belated sympathy t0 @Mabel. Scary stuff.
    And am keeping a close eye on your outcome with JustKampers as I too am insured with them on an agreed valuation deal. If it's all just smoke and mirrors they're never getting my dosh again.
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    :lol: Nice of you to pop by Kkkaty, where have you been? I've been worried sick, you couldn't phone and let me know your ok? You only went out for some sweets. Next time I want to know where you'll be and what time you're coming back.
    Oh, and your dinners in the dog.
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  17. Sigh........ still no van. Having issues with your van during holiday season means no van for a few weeks until the VW men come back. Oh well, looks like we wont be back on the road again before the end of September as we are off on holiday in few weeks. Hopefully will all be sorted by then - may as well get her serviced and MOT'd early as well.
  18. Progress - jet washed engine bay, engine out, engine door off and dispatched to paint matchers. VWDU are cleaning and powder coating all the tinware, the engine bay is being sprayed and I think we'll be having a firetec all paid for by the insurance.
  19. Thank you for telling us about your fire incident which must have been distressing but thankfully you are all safe and well and that is what matters.

    The discussion about agreed valuation insurance is interesting and the interpretation presumably depends on the policy terms. Luckily your van wasn't destroyed but can be repaired. I suppose if it was a total loss, then the insurers would cough up the agreed sum.

    The point about the fire extinguishers is significant and shows yet again that the small ones are not really effective, only the heavy duty ones put the fire out.

    I don't carry one in my van as I would run well away if my van caught fire. I would be scared of an explosion at the back and i would not want to be there and get burned. With an extinguisher on board i may be tempted to use it and risk being burned. Not worth it in my view.

    The firetec must be the best option.

    I will look at one myself.

    Pleased you are moving forward now to restore your van.
  20. its coming home, its coming home, assuming it passes MOT tomorrow, Kittys coming home - look at my lovely engine bay :chewie:

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