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  1. I'm afraid deadly serious he worked in the shipyard standing next to the guy spraying it, his job to weld studs onto the bulkheads (walls) or deckheads (ceilings).
  2. Well that is very sad, of course it is. But people make light of all sorts every day, its what makes human. You end up not being able to mention any subject in a light hearted manner because someone, somewhere, might have been adversely affected by it. That doesn't take away from any loss you will feel. I still feel the loss of my dad but I wouldn't expect anyone who didn't know how he died to avoid mentioning anything that might have been a factor in his death. That wouldbeunrealistic of me
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  3. Well yes there would be flames in there because you would be opening a door with a fire behind it, i really meant coming at you with any sort force o_O

    You would think if it happens when you are driving tou would notice early on and it would be relatively safe to deal with, hopefully

    But yes like @zed says its up to you to think for yourself and get well clear if its looking to bad :thumbsup:
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    I believe Quorn could turn out to be a silent killer.
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  5. Just a matter of interest , does any body know which has the better track record for catching fire Type 2 or the type 4 .
    this belt breaking thing seems to be quite a fire starter .
  6. I was going to say something about going back to save stuff...but you obviously have thought about that now. Main thing is you are all okay, sorry about the bus though
    On the flip side, it could have been far worse and though it's gonna be expensive it is recoverable. Automatic fire extinguisher time?
  7. Insurance update - cant fault the insurers so far. The assessor has been round today already (couldnt believe the van was worth £8k!!) and believes its a fuel line issue rather than fan belt. He is suggesting that they will go for a cash in lieu settlement so I can sort it out myself with who I want. He suggested that if the insurer instructs a garage then the cost will quickly spiral to unreasonable cost levels and the van will end up being written off which I dont want.

    He sad the report will be issued tonight covering all the consumables - he thinks the wiring will be the most expensive part as it will have to be replaced - and then the insurer will issue an offer covering parts, labour and a premium above that for me to sort out repairs. I suppose I will then get her towed and a quote for the work and see where that is in relation to the offer. Hopefully I can get the engine door replaced whilst she is in as well. In 30 years of insuring anything I have never made a claim.
  8. did he die from too many Quorn Burgers?
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  9. that's in poor taste......;)
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    Where I asked my preference on burn ability I'd opt for a Type1.

    They have demonstrated a strong pedigree in splits, earlies and bays, whereas your type 4 is a relative new boy.
  11. it's because the alt warning light doesn't scream at you when the belt lets go......
  12. In that case i would have a red spot light fitted to the roof with a sounding siren similar to a 1970 Dr Who series .
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  13. Only just seen this. :(
    Glad you all got out and nobody was hurt.
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    Well you need to pay a lot more attention. This was a FIRE for goodness sake and it happened FOUR days ago. It was an EMERGENCY, not that we'd have noticed based on your sense of urgency.
    If it had been left to you his "My Van Fire" thread would have been empty and unreplied to, he would have thought no one cared.

    Luckily for you, and Mabel, there are members of TLB who DO care. :)
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  15. just been offered £2400 cash in lieu for the van repairs - that does seem rather good - need to get her recovered so VWDownunder can tell me if that covers everything.
  16. I've got one of these pumps. Says made in Brazil. Should I be worried? Please say no, I'm supposed to be going camping at the weekend. Already planning to redo my fuel hoses tomorrow... :confused:

    Edit - have reread and I think I get it - is the theory that there was a leak here which made it's way on to the fuel belt, damaged the belt, and then the belt snapped and took the hose out causing a serious leak?

    In which case, I'll sleep OK as there haven't been any leaks from here that I'm aware of and I've done a fair bit of poking about.

    Although I'll put new fan belt / new fuel pump on the wish list...
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  17. Probably earlier in the three but there were two engine fires in Norfolk this week , and a friend of mine lost his last year ....
  18. Seems to be, but who really knows?
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  19. the engineers report says fuel line corrosion. He also says that my van is only worth £4000 !!!!! I know its not a prime example but really!!!!! I have an agreed valuation of £8k
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