Eskdale Dubfest - Brand new Lake District weekend!

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  1. Sorry a595!
  2. Well worth it , gotta do it now , the diversion then the last pass is amazing
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  3. :eek:
  4. you must have gone via windermere/ambleside which then goes over wrynose pass and onto hardknott pass, i will be going towards bootle(not mersyside) and then onto boot, even the the sat nav will still try to send me either to ulpha or corney fell which could be a little harsh on the old bus. glad you got there early, hope you have nabbed some good pitches for everyone. i hope to be there early afternoon tomorrow:thumbsup:
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  5. Whats the steepest gradient I wonder. Done Wrynose and Hardknott although last time I went over Hardknott (in the car on this occasion) some knobber coming the other way as I was climbing needed the whole of the road for no apparent reason and I had to swerve to the side - hitting a marker stone and trashing my front tyre. That was interesting to change!!!

    Watch out for dickheads up there!!!!

    Anyway - back to steep hills. The one up conniston owd fella car park is good although quite short. Especially interesting if its wet and you have to give way half-way up!
  6. Wrynose it is then , yeeeehaaaaa, race ye woody.
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  7. no probs dude i am having to go later anyway...setting off about dinner time..and going long way round. will have to stop alot due to doig. Will crack a few beers once we there ..saif cruising.
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    See yer about one ish then :thumbsup:
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  9. Mad buggers!
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  10. will bring some too i have some charcoal .
    think i will bring my designer roof box..........full of chcharcoal ehehehehehe
  11. likee the sound of thatdude will bring some too.
  12. Yeah I Marmite myself... was the first time I had ever driven the van... was told yo take it easy... I did the absolute opposite! Was horrible I wouldn't ever do it again in the van... it's dangerous! I do love my off-roading :rolleyes:
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  13. remember your thread:lol: weed ?
  14. anyway but loose anyway you choose anychance we will all make it through......????? as long as its not freezing we will all have a great time....
  15. Tiny pie is no weed

    Shes the only person to display the late bay rough terrain club in her signiture
    She got that because of hardknott pass
  16. errrm **** myself laughing :D
  17. Morrisons home shopping just turned up ,Beer and crisps , thats my weekend sorted .
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  18. I had originally booked for Saturday night only, do you recon I will be able to turn up for Friday as well? My guess it will be ok....
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    Yeah, loads have dropped out and he wont turn you away :thumbsup: see yer tomorrow :)
  20. You should be in bed at this time , you've got a long drive tomorrow and you know how arsey you can get on a long journey,
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