Eskdale Dubfest - Brand new Lake District weekend!

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  1. You'd better be joking , see you later :)
  2. .
  3. We're planning to eat in the pub on Saturday :thumbsup:

    Tell them to stop being soft :D
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  4. It's not even cold, not raining either .
  5. For the moment, I'm sure it'll wait for everyone to arrive lol
  6. Doesn't matter anyway as there's 3 pubs nearby plus my van has a roof.
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  7. 3 brazilians now and only one late bay :(
    No earlys or splitties yet.
  8. I'm afraid that I'm also pulling out. Heavy rain for two days and a 400 mile round trip doesn't appeal to us.
    Time to unload the van. Sorry. :(
  9. We made the same decision this morning - alongside the fact Ive got some Uni Assignments to be in by Wednesday next week :(

    We're both gutted we're not heading up to Eskdale, there will be other times though!
  10. Have to get together at Clumber with @Dicky .
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  11. 4th Brazilian shown up , gotta say they're not fair weather campers ;)
    Can't believe people booked the Lake District and cancel because of the threat of rain :)
    Still dry and forecast say its gonna get brighter later.
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  12. Should that be Notts Fair Weather Campers? :cool:
    Could have justified cloud or showers but not heavy rain for two days and the drive in it.
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  13. Weathers always a gamble in the lakes. Hope if it isnt well attended that they move it and dont scrap it!
  14. Woody and the bugcatcher are now on route , yeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaa

    The race is on :eek:
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  15. Flakey

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    Sun's out , beer's out :)
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  16. Flakey

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  17. assume @Lord Congi has a few necked and a few lined up buy now :thumbsup:
  18. 72wilma

    72wilma Moderator

    We all are Barn, making sure we're drinking for you too :)
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  19. great have a ball , wish i was their , and tell bug if he needs any lessons on riding a bike ask eddy mercs :lol::beer::cheers:
  20. quiet arnt they :eek:

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