Eskdale Dubfest - Brand new Lake District weekend!

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  1. my fire pits a little big for the camper, i don't know if mrs w will let me bring it. i have loads of wood chopped up ready aswell.
    i didnt book a hook up as didn't have mains supply when we booked but i do now, i'll bring my cable just in case not that i have anything that uses mains yet apart from a kettle...
  2. Just checked on three weather forecasts & all of them have given rain out for Saturday and

  3. In the lake district?
    Good job theres a few pubs :)
    Setting off in 2 hours.
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  4. Yes indeed, for Eskdale itself according to the Met Office
  5. Your welcome Bern.
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  6. Rain - Lake District - April........Never!
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  7. Boot Inn is having a quiz night on friday night. Anyone fancy having a Late bay team?

    They've also got a BBQ and live music on the saturday night.:cool:
  8. OK just got here but check your sat nav route as mine took me over some pass , can't remember what it was called but then ended up at hard knot pass which is closed , did a 20km detour , good news is though it's wonderful and I can see two pubs from my pitch :)
  9. Whats the weather like Dave?
  10. Real mild , light cloud cover ,
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  11. Hmmm pub I think :)
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  12. The wifi is £1 per stay!!!
    But you won't need that as I have the password :)
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  13. Oh my god there's 180 different whiskys
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  14. bernjb56

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    Leave a bit Dave :eek:
  15. Too late
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  16. :lol: down the hatch! :beer:
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    I'll bring my own :(
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  18. I brought a bottle of talisker and ardbeg Bern :)
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  19. bernjb56

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    I'll see what I have to compliment those then :thumbsup:
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  20. Woodylubber

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    Yeeeeeee Haaaaaaa :thumbsup: see yer tomorrow
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