Erbaspatcher ba6 fitting from scratch (with some help from Tlb )

Discussion in 'How To' started by 1973daisey, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. So Iv got my erbaspatcher ba6 no not in to bad condition few bits need attention the main case has a few small holes to fill but nothing major !!
    Wire brushed it clean and done some research on what parts are what ect and whats broken and needs replacing !!
    So far Iv found a large diode that's broke off needs resoldering (no problem) allso the mini ht lead has snapped off the end this needs replacing but other than that looks to be ok for 40 years old !!
    Few questions
    1- is photo 1 the fuel pump?
    2-photo 2 what's these x2 plugs for (look like there off brake master cylinder type plugs)
    3-has anyone one a wiring diagram
    4-I'd like to test the safety rcd ect on it once up and running on my bench ect is there a way and what do they do ?
    5-if anyone has photos of there installed would be a great help (I have the steel centre pipe so hoping it fits into that )
    Thanks in advance I'll keep this thread as a step by step think incase someone allso wants to install one [​IMG]
  2. Pic 1 is the coil
    The plugs are for the temp sensor and fuel pump
    You got a few bits missing
    Good luck!
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  3. I thought there was some bits missing !
    So I need fuel pump and temp sensor !!
    I'll try find out what these look like and get on the case !! Thanks for your help
  4. I have them at home, I will take some pics later if no one beats me to it!
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  5. Fab thank u just so I no what I'm buying ect and put a wanted thread up
  6. I have all the parts but the my wiring loom has been chopped so I have no plugs for the safety switch or timer switch
    Maybe you could put some close ups these on?
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  7. No problem u tell me what u have I'll post it up the end no problem
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  8. :eek:

    Get a propex :)
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  9. davidoft

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    silver box with the broken wire is the control unit, the dangling wire goes to a connector the same as the wire that is still connected, you can solder it back on, you may need to open the relay I cant remember ( better pics please)

    1 is coil, the end may just screw back on if it has screw thread in side the plug, otherwise a standard engine coil lead will do the job

    if you want to the test cut out wire the whole heateer up and run it without fuel, it will cut out in around 90 seconds
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  10. davidoft

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  11. Brill cheers pal I'll gather all the parts up and check the parts work Iv got 1st !!
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  12. Bit more info I'm missing temp sensor ,fuel pump and this lot [​IMG]
  13. Looks like you've got more missing than you've got :D
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  14. There is a lot missing and a few bits broken not tested plugs or fan yet either
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  15. Was it sold as complete as I'd imagine it's gonna be hard sourcing all those missing parts ?
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  16. A lot of that looks like ducting though, Could probably mock that up, man of your talent. Speed you work I expect this to be working by the time my tea is on the table
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  17. Was sold as all bits needed to fit ! But Said what u see in the photos what u get and this is what I got what was in the photos !! I'll sort it u no me when I'm on a prodject just not gonna be a weekend job gotta source the parts to make it work 1st
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  18. Think @davidoft or @pkrboo might have one installed, need to get under there van at techenders one night :thumbsup:
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