Engine stuck - Sounds broke - engine rebuild

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by PSG, Jul 22, 2016.

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    Don't have any bright ideas for a bit :eek:
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  2. You can do that through the wheel arch if you take the wheel off, I wouldn't consider doing it any other way.
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  3. Let us know what MPG you are getting.
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  4. Hi westy1

    Please see our reply above re. jetting, we have good reason to believe what we put in the carbs. works well, as also mentioned we can change them if you prefer.

    That isn't correct that we would charge £79 for those jets - There must have been a misunderstanding there.

  5. This is really unfair, please see the post later in the thread. We do jet them to suit. No other company does as far as I know?
  6. Please see the post later in the thread, I think this covers everything. If you ask for different jets when you order we can do that, there has to be an extra charge unfortunately as the emulsion tubes are expensive.

  7. That is really unfair Zedders, this was obviously a genuine mistake. Apologies for the delay this caused.
  8. This is also very unfair. That is exactly what we do. Open the box, split the carb., replace the jets. Please see the post later in the thread.
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    That's the end of my thread. Farewell y'all
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  10. @eurocarb why don't you just offer the carbs with both jetting options, let people decide what they want.

    55 id jets
    150 mains
    Air 170
    F6 tubes
    And please people set your float chambers and use a proper fuel reg set to under 3 bar
    Good luck all
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  11. Hi Nell

    As mentioned, we're happy to put whatever people want in there but we have to charge more if we change the emulsion tubes - we can now offer this setting for just £15 more per kit plus VAT

    You need well under 3 bar fuel pressure! I think you meant 3 PSI :)

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  12. Yes 3psi not bar lol. I don't think people would mind paying the extra for out of the box set up*just puting an option on your site when ordering is a good step forward thanks.

    *no such thing as out of the box set up.
    Now about those manifolds.

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