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    @zedders do i need to change my jets? I have engine out still, putting in on saturday, dont want to have to do it later with engine in, would rather get it done now if i need to.
  2. What ya got fitted?
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    Main - 145
    Air Correct - 160
    Idle - 55
    Emulsion F6
  4. If you have them, I'd go for next size up idles (57) and smaller mains (135), BUT that's an educated guess, it should run OK with what you have also.
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    so i can buy these today, and fit them before i do the linkage setup etc. Shall i just do that? other than your suggestion, i will be looking at about £145 on a rolling road for them to just do that and charge me extra for jetting.
  6. Well there's the thing, apparently identical engines can need different jetting and if you don't have experience and/or confidence, the only way to find out is under load on a rolling road. After nearly 10,000 miles I'm still fine tuning mine, but initially I spend £60 or so for one run on RR for the assurance that I wasn't jetted too lean.
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    Well I just bought those jets. They were only about 11 quid. I'm sure it will be better than the eurocarb setups. Then I can rolling road it later on.
  8. It'll run nice on 135's, we stuck with 55 idles and all seems very well!
  9. I bought a set of Ict from euro carb and told them engine size carbs came with std jets when I rang them they said they have never had any one complain before, I told them to Google Ict and that every result was about the jets been wrong and surely different engine sizes would need different jets he said the std jets would run any engine
    after a bit rant at then I told them what jets I needed and he then asked if I had shopped with them before, yes I said £411 for carbs with wrong jets he then said he would give me free postage and charged me £32,
    My mate went to jk for carbs and got them £30 cheaper but with std jets he then phoned euro carb and they tried to charge him £79 for jets
  10. Fast road Cars for jets etc for me now. Much cheaper than Eurocarb.
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    Yeah that's where I went for mine.
  12. There is also Gower & lee not used them myself and no idea on pricing but it's another alternative.
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    Got my gates fuel lines, malpassi is here and I painted it.


    Saturday I am fitting it. Just waiting on fuel line clips.
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    Fitting the engine that is.
  15. Hi Guys

    I have been reading these threads and others and there is a lot of confusion about the Weber ICT carbs. - Eurocarb have been mentioned a few times too. The jetting we supply in the carbs. is our best guess based on our experience over the years working with various engine builders - we update these when we see a need to. At the moment we supply the Type 1 1600 kits with the standard jetting, we change the idles to 55 and mains to 140 on modified engines. For Type 4 engines we use 55 idles and 145 mains.

    The standard jetting is:
    • 29mm Venturi (fixed)
    • 130 Main jet
    • F78 Emulsion tube
    • 160 Air corrector jet
    • 40 Pump exhaust valve
    • 52 Idle jet
    • 50 Pump jet
    • 1.75 Needle valve
    • 40 back bleed/pump spill
    We're always interested in listening to feedback and have been hearing the conversation about the F6 emulsion tube set up for a while now. Some customers have asked for this to be fitted when they buy the carb. kits from us, which we are happy to do for an extra £20 or so.

    We speak to engine builders daily when they order our kits (most like the CSP linkage better than the EMPI) and we're always getting feedback from them. We don't see the need to change the F78, we haven't seen any solid evidence to prove this. I also spoke to an engine builder yesterday who buys a lot of the CSP ICT kits from us and he's just sent a 1641 engine with our carbs. on with the 140 mains and 55 idles we supply above and the rolling road operator called him to say he couldn't improve on it. He's shared some other settings too and we're considering putting 135 mains and 55 idles in the 1600 kits from now on.

    As Zedders and others have already mentioned - these settings will work well on the vast majority of the engines we supply them for but there are other external factors which will have an influence on the running like fuel pressure and ignition. If you tune them on a dyno to optimise the settings you may be able to improve the settings.
    We'd be interested in any other feedback from people so we can continue to supply these kits jetted as close as possible!


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  16. Good to see a supplier that is willing to listen and respond.
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    It is strange to see two strongly opposed opinions though. Maybe this should be in another thread @ the moderators so that this doesn't break my mobile with all the notifications that are about to flood in.
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  18. Bing
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  19. Thanks for that it's nice to see a supplier giving back and taking on feedback. I've just brought this exact set for a 1600 type 1 engine fitted to a bay. On the linkage side of things you cannot beat the CSP ones it's fantastic and well worth it tbh. I did swap out the jets and tubes to the ones recommend by others on here and a very reputable vw engine builder I'm waiting to get on a rolling road for the results but it runs smother with the jets I have in now.
    On the downside the manifolds where less than top quality *but* I knew this anyway so that was ok in my book as I knew what came with the kit I also binned the fuel pipe for r9 grade.
    But on the whole the kit you put together is still one of the most affordable and reliable. More expensive than the empi ones but worth it.
    It's suppliers like yourself that keep us going so thanks.
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