Electronic fuel cut off

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  1. All depends on set up mine is on fire wall before my filterking as if it ever fails u can turn the leaver to use it manually just make sure can’t blow through it without power I ran it for ages wrong way

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  2. Thanks..Do you also recommend a filterking for a stock 1600 twin port?
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  3. I only have one to monitor my fuel pressure and it’s the best out there if ur mechanical pump really would bother looks nice that’s it

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  4. It makes absolutely no sense to have the cutoff between the pump and the carb. What would you be trying to achieve? Needs to go between the tank and the engine compartment, to stop fuel hosing out of the tank by gravity if a fuel line ruptures.

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    I’ve just fitted one to ours this week. Bolted to the sloppy bit of the cargo floor between the wheel arches.

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  7. Sloppy bit? Ewwww.
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  8. Sloppy bit? Ewwww.
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  9. I said that twice.
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    It’s a Dorset thing!

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  11. It’s Pizza Express’s crappy wifi!
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  12. The problem I was buying the solenoid for was fuel flowing when the engine was off...eg float in the carb sticks...surely if a ruptured pipe was gonna go..it would go when the engine’s running and there’s pressure on the pipes rather than standing..or am I missing something?
  13. That's an odd reason. No reason why your floats should stick. If they do, they need fixing ;)...

    Cutoff after the tank means that if your engine for some reason catches fire, the tank doesn't gravity-feed 50 litres of fuel into the engine compartment to get a nice (uncontrollable) blaze going. Turn the ignition off, and the flow of fuel stops.
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  14. Thanks..understood
  15. I’ve had trouble with the float valve sticking..and no decent quality replacements being available..
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    Pizza express.. that's a bit common for you innit? Thought you was more of fine vegan cuisine type..
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  17. What carbs are they?
  18. It’s a empi 34 pic 3..came with the bus..I’d prefer to have a solex..am looking
  19. Even with an EMPI carb, the float valve shouldn't keep sticking. Even the valves in the repair kits are more or less ok. How do you know it sticks?
  20. I’ve had several incidents where it starts running poorly, stalls then the fuel running into the oil..carb off and the valve nipple is all crunchy rather than moving up and down freely..there’s no fuel filter fitted so that’s the first thing going on..
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