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  1. Does anyone have suggestions where I can get a reliable good quality electronic fuel cut off switch?

  2. You mean a fuel solenoid? Telecamit used to do a good one, unfortunately no longer available.

    They do exist, but they all look rather ropey Chinese jobs...
  3. Maybe look for something intended for boats.
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  4. I use the valtek one listed by earlylatebay above....not had any problems with it and cheap as chips.
  5. Looks good! Better than some of the dodgy-looking ones being sold.
  6. Thanks guys..will try one of those
  7. Where is the best location for one of these valves, I would have thought between tank and pump before any filter and outside of the engine cupboard but I noticed on one advert it said that on carbureted engines it should be between pump and carb. Don't quite understand why, would it present a restriction which might interfere with the pump action ?
  8. Mine is bolted in the engine bay on the LH side. Onto that plate of steel below the spare wheel tub.
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    I'd have hoped with your profile name you'd have known best.....let's not wait around for @puddleofpetrolPhil...
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  10. It's not about car valves his name
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  11. Between the tank and pump. Mine's bolted to the slopey bit under the tank.
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  12. Mine's in the engine bay (so between pump and carb as directed). It's a green one like in the link above, been in there for 3 yrs now seems to work fine.

    I know some folks don't think it's a good idea to have anything that could leak in the engine cupboard, but tbh if it's easily visible you're potentially more likely to see / notice any leak - more than you would if it was somewhere underneath the bus? 02p etc.
  13. Needs to be between tank and pump to stop fuel being gravity-fed into the engine compartment if the fuel hose bursts, which is the whole point of fitting the valve ;)
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    Ah, must be heart valves then, left ventricul for the win!
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  15. One reason why they might suggest between pump and carburettor is that the fuel pump sucks hard and I used to have a problem where as the engine stopped the pump would end up sucking on the solenoid valve which dropped shut as the ignition turned off.
    And then it stayed sucked shut when I tried to start it next day as 12 volts did not pull hard enough..
    Two solutions- I chose the hard one of driving it from a boost converter that winds it up to 26 volts for a moment as the ignition comes on.. or I could have used a diode and a capacitor to hold it open until the engine stops..
    Mine came from a guy who fitted night heaters to trucks. He closed down shortly after I bought my solenoid.

    So it goes

    Tank, metal filter( Halfords) , solenoid , firewall, pump.

    Stops fires. As I discovered.
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  16. :thumbsup:

    a fuel lines 6s.jpg
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  17. More at home with an EL34 or ECC83:)
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  18. This is mine using electric fuel pump all mounted together on the plate sitting above the gearbox just after the tank outlet
    Before anyone says anything I have never had any problems using these filters..I do buy the more expensive ones locally and not off fleabay
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  19. I’ve never had problems with good quality nylon filters either.

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