Electronic fuel cut off

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  1. EL34's sound awesome
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  2. Do you have these wired to activate with the ignition or on a separate switch ??
  3. Mine is wired to the ignition from the coil
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  4. ^this. Driven off the coil supply, ideally via a fuse.
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  5. Cheers guys
  6. I use mine going through a fuel injection relay off the coil and my fuel pump has a extra anti theft switch on the earth wire so no earth no power no starting
  7. I was thinking of a switch but knowing me I'd forget about it and cut out in the middle of a busy road !!
  8. Mine has a filter at the connection in the fuel tank so do I need another fuel filter in line to the carbs?
  9. No, just one filter after the tank.
  10. My filter is in the tank not after.
  11. Have you checked it recently?
  12. :thumbsup:
    Last year and it was clean:thumbsup:
  13. If you meen the little cone that fits just inside the tank outlet elbow then fit a filter outside the tank...
  14. ^this
  15. I love it when you bring that photo

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  16. Why do you need two filters?
  17. The filter in the tank is a coarse strainer. It tries to keep the fuel pipe from filling with rust flakes. I had a marine outboard engine that had a rusty tank and no strainer, and I had to take the fuel line off and shake it to unblock it.
    The real filter as factory fit on T4 and a common user fit on T1 makes sure that nothing gets into the carburettor that might build up sediment or block the jets. I once had a car where the rust sediment locked the float down in the float chamber so although it did 100mph, it spent the next three miles pouring petrol over the engine... Morris Marina ...
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  18. I like to have as many potential points of failure in my fuel system as possible...

    Hasn’t leaked yet!
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  20. Bought one of these off eBay and it arrived today. If the best location is between the pump and the carb, for the reasons previously mentioned, how can I also locate it outside of the engine bay, for fire safety?
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