Eastnor castle Ledbury Camper and bus show 20 vehicles.

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  1. Hi folks, many moons since I was on here but glad to know a show from the 'late bay' is going. I've got my tickets so look out for Violetta and if you see us come and say hello?
    Got my late bay window sticker in my back window and Violetta's name painted underneath.
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  2. Come and see us! It would be great to meet you :)
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  3. Six bend pull-backs to be precise. Aesthetically pleasing, fecking useless in real life, bit like slammed buses really. (Awaits the onslaught) ;)
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  4. Do you have any?
  5. Sadly (happily) not!
  6. My daughter has been watching your build with great interest. Latest comment: 'He's dead' !
    Nothing like a bit of support LOL
    Looking forward to seeing you carry the field :)
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  7. FAO @physiopro ,@Bumblepuppy ,@pkrboo ,@zed , Aaargghh! Just been to the Shell garage we arranged to meet at and they informed me they are expecting a fuel delivery sometime this afternoon, thus it may be shut when we get there!!!
    Don't panic - if you arrive there and its shut carry on down the A4500 for about a mile and you come to the Red Lion Truckstop, its about 1/4 mile before M1 jct16. If necessary we will meet in there:thumbsup:
    I will send a PM to you all as well.
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  8. She sounds like she's quite switched on :)
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  9. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Administrator

    Sorry guys. If anyone at the Castle reads this please pass on my apologies to Andy. My van won't run properly and is leaking fuel heavily from the carb. I am giving the show a miss as Lou isn't very well either. fed up of mechanic- ing for today. Gonna have a beer! :(
  10. Hi Malc, if we make it back there tomorrow will let him know. Signal out there is non existent. We've just headed back for supply's but the slight misfire we had this morning has come back with a vengeance and now had a bad oil leak to accompany it so just about to try and find out what's up but we're unlikely to make it back tonight. Weathers been great today, it's been a nice show, met loads of great people for the first time off TLB

    We had the biggest lineup (albeit it with 2 early's) prototype bay had 4 show up for the line up

    Didn't get them all in, sorry to those I missed


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  11. So we were well and truly washed out this morning, but that was one of the best shows I have been too, what a great setting and good to meet you all! @Beaver I assume you won the soap box challenge? Great to watch.... Andy @physiopro top job in organising, I suspect that we will have at least 30 vans next year!

    Mrs Samwise and the twins made it home ok, amazing what a good whack with a hammer can do on a starter! Cheers
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  12. Have you lost a screwdriver? I found one where you were parked after you left. If so I have it
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  13. Glad to hear you guys got home ok@samwise and great to meet you all. We agree with you it was a terrific show and a great weekend, TLB put on a fine display:thumbsup:
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  14. Hi @Beaver that will be mine then, keep hold of it until the next time!
  15. Hi guys
    We are home safe and sound! What a fantastic show! Absolutely loved it, great to meet everybody, and thanks to all those that stayed this morning despite the awful weather! Glad you got home @Samwise, thanks @philntsc for a great convoy home and sorry we lost you on the way home :(

    Sorry to hear about your troubles malc! I hope Lou and the van are better soon! You need to come next year it was ace!!
    Just a little taster of the sat!
  16. We are at our first stop point in Northampton, had some food. Couple more cups of tea and we will be on our way back to Lincoln.
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  17. Sorry we lost you all on the way home Matt we got stuck behind a Stobart lorry and took a 50/50 on which road you'd gone down! Naturally I guessed wrong:D Great to meet you and the family, have a safe journey home and hope to meet up with you all again sometime.
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  18. I passed the lime green bus on my way home and stopped briefly.

    The RAC man had his head in the noisy cupboard twiddling with the carb. Fingers crossed they get home ok :)
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  19. Great show,now down in St Ives.battled through the wind mud and rain. Nice to meet some of you definitely take part in stand if slots available next year. Nice to put a face to a few names. Shame about today but Friday and sat were great
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  20. Unfortunately they are still not home yet :(! They are riding on the big taxi at the moment!

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