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  1. Just sorting mine out. Is there a special tool needed to attach the circlip that comes with new boots to secure them on to the shaft end? I'll post pic if needed.
  2. I used normal circlip pliars at 90 degrees to the shaft to remove and replace circlip. Don’t use the spring washer (spacer) that goes next to the circlip, that comes with the new gaiter, it’s impossible to fit and people on here advised me it was omitted by Vw later on.
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  3. It was. They're impossible to get on.
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  4. Thank you!!
  5. Do you mean just holding the boot to the driveshaft? A cable tie will do fine (unless you're being really posh ;))
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  6. My old ones I did 18 years a go were zip tied. They were new then, none have split but slightly cracked. Need to replace a couple of worn cv joints and the clips came in the kit. So am adding the new boots. Got the good ones (hopefully)
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  7. Got sets of the Lobro joints and boots. 40 quid a set was good I thought. Mine have been clicking like mad the last year.
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  9. Out of interest, any ideas why the dished washer shouldn’t be used? It was discarded from 1975 onwards. Just curious.
  10. Presumably because it's such a beggar to get on. The circlip's enough. The shafts shouldn't move back and forth in the joints anyway.
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  12. If you can get the clips on then they might as well go on. Its obvious if it will fit from the end of the shaft and the machining of the CV joint if there is a clear path to the slot in the drive shaft for the clip.

    But you may find that the ends of the splines can be so burred over or the shaft is mushroomed so that the drive shafts will not come out without a lot of hammering with a drift on the end of the shaft, do not try hammering straight onto the end of the shaft, as it will mushroom out......
    On my "new" driveshafts, they took a lot of persuasion to get them out of the old CV joints.

    I had to have 'new' drive shafts because those in my bus were not original T2 style shafts but a type with a coarser spline on the end, which was not compatible with correct CV joints. I think its a Porsche type which is effectively the same size..
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  13. Shaft splines are in good condition, new cv joints are a nice tight fit.
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  14. Boots look quite robust too! Will report back on there state next summer
  15. Tight is good!
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  16. Just replaced an outer boot. Joint was very tight on splines but not showing any spline damage. Filthy job but prep with plenty of latex gloves, roll of paper towel on hand and a drain tray under the driveshaft to dump the old grease & towel in :thumbsup:

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  17. 20201121_134919.jpg 20201121_135403.jpg yes just done both of mine, easy enough , make sure you orientated the cage properly
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  18. Nowt more satisfying than turning a crusty thing into a thing of beauty :thumbsup:
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  19. No way on earth would the spacer fit on each end, so have omitted them as per VW guidance from ‘75 onwards.
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