Drive away awning recommendations please

Discussion in 'Camping Accessories' started by dan the man, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. Got a Outwell Freeway, flipping magic, pricey but worth it. 1 man to erect it and put down. Once you've worked out how to get the air out its dead easy to put away. 10 mins to set up, 15 mins to put away.
  2. They look very stylish It looks as though your trying to establish your "glamping" credentials to impress "Tarquin and |Jocasta". that said I quite like the idea tbh but wouldn't want to hoof that lot around unless I was staying somewhere for a while. your seriously looking at a trailer to transport it id reckon (unless you've no one else in the van and then why would you need it anyway.
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  3. @paul2590 pits his on the tow bar platform thingy he has.
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  4. [​IMG][​IMG] takes a 100 kg

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  5. Can you do wheelies? considering a similar thing utilizing my tow bar cycle rack.
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  6. IMG_3021.jpg

    We’ve a khyam Motordome sleeper, It’s massive with plenty of room and easy to put up but wished it had a sewn in groundsheet.

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