Drive away awning recommendations please

Discussion in 'Camping Accessories' started by dan the man, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. Evening all, I'm interested in any recommendations for drive away awnings (or bad reviews too)
    We need a 4 berth and it is for a 78 westfalia lhd
    I've been looking at a navigater Kombi on tinternet which looks ok?

    Thanks dan
  2. Hi Dan
    We use the khyam driveaway xc, which we've used about 8 times over a couple of years , still seems to have plenty of life in it yet , sleeps 4 and plenty of living space, and we can put it up complete in about 20-30 minutes, not sure if there's a newer version on the market, but were happy with ours
    Cheers Paul
  3. bernjb56

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    I think more people have khyams on here than anything else. We really like ours, but some people have other views.
    There have been a few awning threads before - may be worth a search.
  4. Go to a show and have a nose around, ask people for "for's & againsts" or watch them putting them up ;-)

    I'm biased towards the original westy awnings.
  5. Khyam motordome sleeper here, used it for 50 nights now. It's very good
  6. Thanks for the replies, the kyhams look good, need to have look at some I think
  7. We had a motor dome classic first with the sleep pod, but this takes loads of space off the awning and doesn't give a huge living area
    just remember when pitching against your van keep the left side of the connecting part close to the opening edge of your slider.
    This way you don't rip the opposite side when you opeyour door
  8. We bought the Khyam Sleeper, (the green one), really good size and very easy to pitch. Although we have had a lot of trouble with the joints on the bedroom pod, every time we use it we have broken a joint. 4 so far. Although the guys at khyam have suggested shortening the pole by an inch, so we see if we have better luck this year. Always seems to be the van side so worried about the broken pole hitting the van! I believe that they have fixed this problem in the new version (grey one) with a metal frame on the bedroom.

    Other than this I would recommend this awning.
  10. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    i use a outwell country road, good awning and in my opinion better made than kyham but downside it takes longer to erect.
  11. Had one of the hoop/tunnel types and found them time consuming to erect, especially with a youngster and dog vying for attention. Quick erect Khyam everytime now the time saved erecting and dismantling (especially in the wet) makes it a winner for me.

    Just got one of these
    Reasonable size (3mX3m) and build and only £115 from local garden centre. (£145 on the interweb)
    Wanted ...
    Awning for long weekend
    quick to put up and down (2 poles)
    integrated groundsheet
    Not too big (Plenty of room for 3 teenage boys to sleep) but could sleep 4

    ticks all the boxes
  14. Lord Charles

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    We have a Navigator Kombi.


    It is massive and if the weather is marmite you can all sit inside round a table and it is tall enough to stand up in.
    Handy space betwix van and awning.

    Not built for bad weather, especially snow.
    Really needs two to put it up.
  15. that easycamp daytona actually doesn't look bad. Could you sleep in it?
  16. For a long weekend away the Daytona was perfect. Well made + integrated groundsheet useful and
    slept 3 teenagers (with me in the van) no problems ... plenty of room for clothes/food etc.
    Could equally well could be set up with table for cards etc +/- cooker.

    We already had a big family tent so didn't want to spend alot on another.
  17. We have had 3 awnings now, and early 70's raleigh similar to an old westyawning, which was simple for one person to put up, but rather small, but ideal for a weekend.

    An Outdoor revolution (which i wouldnt touch anything from them with a big stick!) which was awful, brilliant concept but badly made
    -not the right size for a bay as the door couldnt be opened fullt in the tunnel as they claim.
    - the skirtis nylon with brass eyelets so a breath of wind rips the eylets out of the skirt.
    -The poles were such poor quality they corroded together after 2 days in sunny weather
    -the sleeping annex cant be fully pegged down as the main skirt is in the way
    -the windows went opaque in the sun

    You get the idea of the issues we had, it was returnedafter a week and we had to fight for a refund, so rubbish customer service to boot!!

    We now have the Outwell Mountain Road, and its worth every penny, yes it will take you 20 minutes to erect and peg down, but the space it gives you is immense. The build is excellent, packs pretty small for a big awning, has various custom extras to make life comfortable, but once up it is lovely bright and airy with lots of windows, all with sewn in curtains,and the three doors all have mossie nets so the door canbe rolled up with the mossie net zipped shut to allow free airflow.

    The tunnel has a floor/skirt that folds up to the door sill on your slider, so dry feet once in the awning door. it has zip to allow it to be fitted to lhd or rhd, not a design for each.

    As you might have guessed, i really rate it highly!!

    The downside is needing 2 people to put it up!!
  18. I went for the packaged damaged JK Retro awning last year when they were on offer.
    We are very pleased with it. Its a really good size and I wanted that retro 70's look with the roof line. I dont like the modern rounded ones. It got an internal tent shoul you need it and a drip lining in the roof that attaches.
    Its easy to put up and although big does not take up masses of room in the van(3 seperate bags)
    The dye had run on some of it but to be honest you cant tell really.
    Bargain at the price - think they sold out though now.
    The only think I dont like is free advertising for JK on the sides
  19. I would vote against the Daytona Easycamp.
    It does have good points but when we had wind and rain it was utterly useless to the point we had to move all our atuff into the camper to stop it getting wet. The bottom of the doors only have one fastner so they kept blowing inwards letting the rain in which due to the integrated groundsheet then puddled.

    However it is cheap, light, easy to pitch and a decent size and would be great in good weather. (It was June we used it and haven't used it since.

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