Drive away awning recommendations please

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  1. i have a nice seventies canvas square one which is great for just 2 people but for extra sleeping space i have the khyam xc - it's MASSIVE and really good for more guests and a big living space when the summer forgot to arrive :)
  2. khyam motordome sleeper for me, normally get good deals on them this time of year
  3. We've got one of these too, but I've had mine blow down twice now.
    The first time was in a force nine gale which was probably acceptable
    but its just come down again in 60mph gusts.

    Am I expecting too much?
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  4. Great to read the comments but I can't really add to them. We use the '73 Sombrero tent that came with the Sportsmobile Van originally. It's Egyptian cotton and takes two bags (one for poles other for tent) to carry it but wonderful once up!. We've had new zippers of nylon put in place of the steel ones that came in it.
    Good to see the differences in tents thou.
  5. I'm not sure many large awnings will fair well in 60mph winds
  6. We have one of the new vango airbeams, we are really pleased with it, easy to put up and take down and no poles to worry about, just got back from a 1200 mile round trip from Norfolk, to Dorset, Lands end, Dartmoor and Cheddar, it got put up and down quite a few times and it stood up to some very heavy rain and wind no problem.

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  7. We too have one of these and I echo these points exactly. Our previous Bluebird tunnel was too dark and you could only stand up in the middle. It even fixes to Le Puck (just about!)

  8. Hi

    I just took delivery of a Kyham Motordome Sleeper - 4 berth.
    Took about 15 mins to erect first time. I reckon itll only take 5 mins to erect and another 5 to fully peg.
    Were going to Whitby on our first ever camping trip this weekend, so will add a review of the awning and trip later.

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  9. Yes keep us posted, I quite fancy one next year
  10. Hi

    Back from Whitby all in tact.
    The kyham Motordome Sleeper took about 10 mins to erect, which is good as I left the instructions at home....
    It probably took about an hour to fully peg out, fit groundsheet (not included ) fit sleeping inner tent and inflate airbeds, attaché the tunnel to the bay etc. I would definitely recommend to get the Kyham tailored ground sheet. I couldn't get one as they had sold out until October and mine didn't cover the ground between the awning and the bus.
    We had very bad storms on Friday night with torrential rain, but we stayed nice and dry.
    It takes about 15 mins to take down and pack away.
    I would recommend one.
  11. We got the Motordome.
    Found there to be a couple of faults in the outer lining. Also had 2 of the peg loops tear. Contacted Kyham in Aug,,, several times,,, still waiting for them to get back to us.
    A friend has the JK 70's style awning. Seems a lot better & more solid.
  12. Frame awnings are the best but there heavy and take a while to errect

    I have a modern style awning that was a trade for gin from the amazing @yorkshirecampers
    Its done us well apart from the time me and @zed couldent undo the toggles so we resorted to use of a knife

    Thats @Dicky fault though as he went to bed early
  13. New to here (Ex JK but so dead now) but will introduce myself later - 15 yrs with my Westy so far and loving it.
    Having spent years using an old Reimo tunnel tent we now use a Quechua Base Seconds shelter right next to the bus. Especially useful when moving a lot. Up in 2 mins with pegs and down in 5 with a fold back into the bag. We also have the optional groundsheet and inner tent for sleeping in.
    Do not know why we did not do this years ago as is so flexible - sometimes as an annex to a sun shelter or right outside to sit in/sleep in etc. Also folds flat behind R&R bed in the westy.

    Holds up well in the worst storms (pops back up) and waterproof. A bargain at about 139 quid as you can use it for a non van camping trip if required (god forbid)
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  14. I fancy one of them - any pics?
  15. looks good for putting up to put your stuff in when your out. Might just have to see if theres any second hand ones about before I pay that though!
  16. Will do when I work out how to do phots but look at the decathlon website and ukcampsites for pics and reviews
  17. We use a Royal Traveller and have done for several years. It takes about 15 to 20 mins to put up. Has an inner tent to sleep 2 more people and still has a fair bit of room to setup a table for your kitchen. Without the inner tent its enough for a 4 or 5 people to gather around a table and play some poker :) Its not hugely expensive. It can join onto the van via a pole and clips or with some figure of 8 fittings. The sliding door will open all the way back. It has survived a few very blustery festivals (Van West 2014)
  18. Done. If it had a sewn in ground sheet it would be ideal.
  19. yes we got one as well airbeams are great so quick to pop up and down glad we got one the Kyham with the poles groundsheet and bits n bobs cant be fluffed with that
  20. The Quechua base [​IMG]

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