Do you have a Firetec Engine bay Extinguisher? Cool Air are stockists

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  1. I thought these just had a glass or plastic piece that breaks at a certain temperature which then releases the gas/powder/foam.

    You'd need a sensor of some kind I guess if you had it hooked up to a fuel cutoff solenoid
  2. There seems to be a bit of confusion on here and also on some Facebook camper related groups I'm on as to if gas / powder or foam are the best way to go but I can totally see the logic in cutting off the fuel at the same time which the more expensive ones seem to do
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  3. Three sides to the fire triangle, so removing the oxygen and source is probably the right way to go thinking about it with a science hat on....
  4. Right my findings to date... these are the same clean agent contents that VW works use but DONT have the option of a pressure switch to kill an electric fuel pump or activate a solonid
    The company selling them for £75.55 Delivered have told me that they are the correct type of clean gas for our engine bays and that they are good to mount above the engine in the same way that VW works one does. They also said that the gas is released at -15 deg so also cools as well as removes the air. The thing is activated when the temp hits 79 0 which is a EU standard apparently. It is activated by the glass sensor breaking when the temp hits 79 and then spills its gas. The thing is good for a space of up to 1.7m2 so all good there.
    They wont do any better deal but I have ordered one this morning so you can all make up your own minds as to what you want and need for your bus.
    Thats the link for ebay

    over to you ...
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  5. Thanks for the effort with have answered all the questions I had on this item but the other parts of the system... Thank you
  6. I got the cheap one from just kampers £40.00, does nobody reccomend this one?
  7. i have a firetek one with a tube that provides protection to the whole engine bay

    What worry's me with the glass ones like the JK one is that you only have a bit of glass stopping it going off so i would worry driving on rough roads also it only goes off when the fire reaches the extinguisher that could be a few feet away by witch time is it enough to put it out.

    i do wounder if any of them are any good as with the engine upto speed its sucking and blowing a lot of air in and out will the extinguisher stuff just get blown out of the engine bay.
  8. I have the VWorks one (FireBouy branded one I think).
    I didn't use the pressure switch as I couldn't be bothered to wire the warning light to the dash just to tell me that it's gone off since I reckoned I'd probably know something was up by that stage and I don't have an electric fuel pump.

    The sudden escape of extinguishant is supposed to starve the fire of oxygen as well as spraying flame retardants everywhere.

    Any system is probably better than nothing.

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  9. I bought one from JK and fitted to the inspection hatch with a slight angle so the head is pointing slightly downwards. The nozzle is now near where my fuel pump is.
    Hopefully, I won't need it, but it's there for piece of mind.
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  10. i have the aircooled works one - never had to use it but easy fit and has a built in switch so i used that to cut power to the fuel pump if it is ever triggered. easy to fit to, just drill 4 small holes and bolt in.
  11. Ended up with the 'Blazecut' one from Coolair. Ordered, delivered and fitted in under 24hrs. No drilling required.



    Looks like a halo over the engine



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  12. Do you get cheaper insurence if you have one fitted.
  13. Don't know about insurance reduction, but do you get some peace of mind.
  14. I am struggling to find anything else apart from the Blazecut, any thoughts on these?

  15. What scenarios does one of these automatic suppression systems cover if one:
    - installs a fuel shut off solenoid valve next to the fuel tank so that the tank cannot drain into the engine bay with ignition off.
    - doesn't fill the fuel tank all the way to the brim
    - does routine inspection of visible fuel hoses and brass nipples etc
    - has a fire extinguisher in the front?

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  16. If your bus is on fire will you remember to switch the ignition off as you flee?

    I have a cut off and extinguisher in the cab but also auto extinguisher in the engine bay, hooked up so it cuts the elec to the fuel pump if it’s triggered. Still regularly inspect the hoses too.
  17. It might help if there is a fire due to a failure of one of the invisible fuel hoses – they’re ones most likely to fail.
  18. Due to a few reasons I went for a marine option in my engine bay which I think JK actually sell these days, system pops at 80DegC saw it demonstrated in an engine bay before I purchased it, very very effective!

    Fire Extinguisher - Bay.jpg
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