Do you have a Firetec Engine bay Extinguisher? Cool Air are stockists

Discussion in 'How To' started by JenW, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Thanks for trying anyway. Probably better off spending that sort of money on just replacing all those old bits anyway to prevent it from happening in the first place as she has done 40 odd years without it (now watch it go up in smoke tomorrowo_O)

  2. I did both. New fuel lines, moved filter out of the engine bay, fitted a cut off, then fitted an auto extinguisher system too. Thing is, mine DIDN't last 40 yrs - it had a fire back in the 80s..

    I went for the gas system that vwaircooled works sell (didn't want foam or power to clean up if it goes off) also wired into the power to the fuel pump so if it triggers it'll stop the pump. Vwaircooled works were very helpful and did offer a bit off their regular price..

    Has anyone fitted a system that isn't from the usual vw suppliers? If you google auto fire extinguisher there are lots of systems out there designed for cars or boats that look similar and appear to be a bit cheaper?

  3. It is a good insurance policy I agree. The link to the other is indeed cheap. I guess we would just need the other gubbins around it?

  4. yeah, i've no idea if one of the systems they sell on that site is suitable - just that it might be possible to put your own system together for less if you know what you're buying.. just saying. :)
  5. Seems logical to me
  6. That is really cheap!!
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  7. Too cheap?
  8. Nah I don't think so, I think I have seen the firebitz extinguishers for sale from one of the VW suppliers
  9. Might have a punt at this then :) seems better than nothing :)
  10. they also do a clean agent gas one for £86 ?? think I may have a pop at one of these
  11. £86 is very tempting! When it says "15 degrees above the horizontal" i presume it can be installed flat against the engine bay roof? I always think that 79 degrees seems a very low temperature. I'm sure it's not but just sounds it :)
  12. Yes thats what I thought, the "nozzle" bit wouldnt be pointing own in such a small space as our engine bays but its a gas that removes the air so can't see it making a massive difference to how it will work.
    I am going to give them a call tomorrow and see what they say as if it is OK to mount above the engine then I think ill be having a pop at it.
    They may even do a bit of discount for a few ?
  13. Keep us posted what you find interested in this....
  14. That's 79 c, 174 f .

    If we could get a discount on the £86 clean agent ones, I'm in!
  15. I might be up for the cheaper one if someone can get a group buy going
  16. i love that the £86 version is cheap compared to going to a VW site and paying more but we still want a better deal :)
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  17. Found the clean gas ones at £76 inc delivery now from another supplier who I have emailed re a group buy, but to be fair if they are OK for the task then Im getting one anyway as my bus is worth the £76 quid to me all day long!! might even get 1 fitted to the wife !!!
  18. To fair you are right fella... If they do come back winner.. If not still a great deal... If they just say the price is what is.. Can you share the link? Thanks in advance....
  19. I called these guys last Friday and I think we will still need the sensor to go with which really cranks up the price

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