Do you have a Firetec Engine bay Extinguisher? Cool Air are stockists

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by JenW, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Everyone should have an automatic engine bay extinguisher!

    I say this as someone who came out the other side of an engine fire with 'only' having to spend £2k to have the engine rebuilt and without any damage to the paintwork.

    I organized two group buys previously where names, cheques etc were all collected and it took ages and was a massive hassle.

    Now - our friends at Cool Air are stocking Firetec Extinguishers :thumbsup:

    TLB members with a post count of 50 are eligible for a 10% Cool Air discount.

    If there's enough of you speak to bigrich on here about doing a quantity discount!
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  2. Well done to Coolair. I tried to buy one from Firetec before Jens last group buy and they are just not set up to deal with single sales. A reputable parts place stocking them is great news, TLB discount even better.
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  3. But prevention is better than cure – what was the cause of the fire Jen?
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  4. Ours was an electrical spark caused by a loose battery and the fuel breather pipes having been vented into the engine bay by a po
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  6. Had one fitted, when I had my egine built. Just seemed a logical thing to do.
    This is the one thing that I have bought, that I hope I never use !!
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  7. Next on my list to purchase I believe! :)
  8. I have a few folks interested in a group buy, so will look into a group but when I finish course next week
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  9. I found Firetec singly difficult to pin down even though in the area for fishing boat installations, so would be interested in a group buy
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  10. Exactly. Thats why a decent VW place selling them is such a positive thing. Firetech are a business to business outfit and are just not set up for individuals wanting to buy one. You would think they would have got the hang of it by now but they haven't.
  11. I would be intrested
  12. Over on prototype there is a seller selling the NASCAR approved halon type . They look good

    I think I paid 135 quid for my firetec in a group buy and it's got the dash light as well
  13. That's not sold as its too cheap .....
  14. It's @vwaircooledworks who are doing it on prototype they are also on here selling them. We've had a few installs and all are very tidy and well fitted!
  15. i like the idea of the halon type as your engine won`t injest powder or foam
  16. He does a forum price too which is lower then the retail price so like a group buy.
    We're both at Dubdayz summerfest in notts this weekend and Rotherham dub odyssey in a couple of weeks
  17. we looked at stocking the 'halon type' gas extinguishers but was put off by the potential health risks involved with them
  18. we can do 5 Firetec systems for £750.00 (£150.00each inc vat) if they are all delivered to the same address.
    the next price break would be at 15 units, at the time of writing this we have 17 units in stock
  19. hi all, sorry i have been away working for a while!!:rolleyes:

    If folks are ready for another group buy, add your names to the list, and we can see if we can make the 15 for a nice discount! :thinking:

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