Diy TV lift / Pop up TV's in your bus' whos made one?

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  1. Just stumbled across this thread as it's something I'm researching at the moment. I assume the TV / monitor only works on hook up? I'm thinking of getting a cheap tablet type device and then having it charge on 12v via usb. I'd quite like it to be mounted and then hidden in a pop up style unit but then if we wanted to move it we can just un-mount it and carry it around it's a lot lighter so I might get away with some gas struts rather than the more expensive tv lifter / actuators.

    If I got an android one I could just load videos onto a usb stick and plug it in where needed...
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    argos do a 19 inch with a 240-12v tranny plug i have one, my plan was to cut the plug and cigar lighter it.
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    We have a 12v TV/dvd which came with straight to cigi lead and a 240v converter lead. Got it from Curry as it was closing down.
  4. So what is the draw on that? I'm guessing it will suck the leisure battery down quickly as it's essentially inverting it?
  5. If it's a 12v device and you plug it direct into the 12v, then it shouldn't take too much at all. Flat screen TVs don't use up much power generally, particularly LED rather than LCD TVs because they use low power LEDs to backlight the screen.
  6. Yeah, both mentioned a 240v to 12v convertor so I just wondered if it said how efficient it was or what the draw was...
  7. I tried going down this route but got nowhere .
    Just because is says 12v on the back doesn`t mean it`ll run off a car/leisure battery, believe me .
    I had access to a dozen or so from a mate in the trade and tried them all , no joy - even plugged into the house ariel. Most would give out sound but never got a picture - must be summat to do with lower watts/amps/Newtons/joules/Lbs per square inch or such like .

    Bit the bullet and bought a caravan specific *spit* 19" jobbie with dvd player from ACDC on ebay with a decent ariel and it really is the dogs danglies - only used it a few times but gets a signal virtually anywhere. Those long winter nights just fly by !! :thumbsup:

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    Ours is a 12v device which can also use a 240v supply .I'll go look at what it is if you desire.
  9. These are what i was playing with . Try it on the van battery for a `proper` test , i`d be suprised if you get anything like a picture - even with a dvd ...

  10. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    We have used it in the van on 12v as we don't do hook up, picture for both DVD and digi TV were excellent.


    Back of tv

    Rear of 240v down to 12v brick
  11. Hats off to you sire .
    Like i say , got nowhere with the dozen or so `on trial` from a well known retailer .... Ok - currys.
    All used 240 to 12 volt transformers so there IS a difference ...

  12. I've built a buddy seat with a TV pop-up mechanism in the back (powered by an electric window motor)... I haven't finished the mechanism yet (other priorities), but I've tested the TV I'd bought for it and it works perfectly on the 12v leisure battery. The TV is a Hitachi L19DG07U and was bought specifically because it has a 240v ac supply (ie via a normal household socket), but this is then routed via a transformer (like @tuesday_wildchild has shown in his earlier post) to take the supply down to 12v dc (3.9a, 47w). I've simply discarded the transformer and household 3-pin plug and have wired the TV direct into the 12v leisure circuit on the bus, and it works perfectly. It'll keep the kids happy on long journeys and wet days in camp!
    TV unit.jpg
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