Diy TV lift / Pop up TV's in your bus' whos made one?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Austin, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. sANDYbAY

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    I'd use that but I don't have any green cogs
  2. swap you for some blue ones?;)
  3. Now then @sANDYbAY're a bit nifty with the scroll about some wooden ones....project! :thumbsup:
  4. sANDYbAY

    sANDYbAY On benefits-won't sponsor!

    Yeah I bet you ones are worth 20 times more than a green one.
  5. sANDYbAY

    sANDYbAY On benefits-won't sponsor!

    While I was typing the last answer I was running through in my head if I felt like cutting one from wood just for a laugh.
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  6. We use the accuride mechanical lifts there not cheap but don't use motors. We buy them direct of a wholesaler who you need an account with but can order you one if needed
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  7. Hi just read this thread and thought I would have my say, put my idea out there. I'm going to have a buddy seat with the t.v rising out of it. The way I will try and do this is to use a electric piston, from a electric reclining chair, the control for this will be a 3 way toggle switch mounted next to the rock and roll bed. The piston will be fixed to the floor, the top will be mounted to a t.v bracket which will be pushed up, by the piston, on runners.

    Sorry if this makes no sense, will just have to fabricate it and show you.
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  8. I can picture it....presume the buddy seat will be a 'unit' type this sort of thing.....[​IMG]...... TV out the top?
  9. The problem with electric window motors and perhaps the reclining chair one is that if something gets stuck, they carry blindly on, trashing whatever breaks first.
  10. :)
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  11. I'm sure it'd be a much easier install using a bespoke mechanism like the one @sjhjoinery kindly pointed out...
  12. Mine sadly is fitted with an "anti porn" sensor and automatically retreats back into portaloo land if I "accidentally" put in the wrong disc.
  13. Cheers @TheGazman, thanks for such a good and comprehensive post, much appreciated. And the end result looks great. Not just the interior but your whole bus is really nice mate.

    ^^^^ don't you just hate those anti porn sensors!!!
  14. Austin your too kind mate, it's all done with smoke mirrors and photo shop you know! Anyway hope even if you don't motorise, thats a bit of help, another idea I had was a renault clio electric window mechanism, but then remembered how reliable French cars electrics are :0(

  15. Lost more than one mk4 golf front window due to this!!

    I think Vw have stopped buying their window technology from happy shopper now tho!!
  16. Flaming chuffing Nora, you aint wrong, Mk4 and 5 Golfs are probably even worse for a window motor, and don't I know it, I've sold a few of the beggars, Japanese it is !
  17. Vanorak, yeah that's sort of the idea, the top of the seat will be hinged one way so when the tv rises it will push it up out the way. When the tv declines the seat top will too. Happy days; and joker, well said that man .
  18. The other thing with the window winders is the travel through an arc to match the curved shape of your modern car window.
  19. I have two of those electric recliner chair motors complete with controls etc however neither of them have enough travel to lift the 22" TV :(
  20. Robo could you not just measure the length of the piston and mount it to suit the hight you needed?

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