Diy TV lift / Pop up TV's in your bus' whos made one?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Austin, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. If I were the TV watching type (which I'm not), I'd get a projector and screen it on my blind.
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  2. when ,IF we take ours we just put it in a box n when we want ta use it we put it on the shelf behind the drivers seat n lay in bed n watch it ,obviously it breaks up the bordummm when in bed in mornin before get up :D. . It does look good pop in out the seat but depends how much you use it i suppose ,coz it will always take up a certain amount of useable space where ever you put it really.
  3. It doesn't travel far enough from fully closed to fully open to lift the TV completely out the cabinet, I would loose the bottom 3 inches of the TV as that would still be in the cabinet :( an engineering buddy gave me the calcs / drawing for a scissor type gizmo which would extend the lift further but if I'm honest it looked way too complicated so I lobbed it in the loft & went camping :)
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  4. If it was easy Robo, every one would do it!
  5. Your not wrong, and if I weren't so lazy it would be done already :D
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  6. Give Scott a call at SJH Joinery top bloke he supplied mine great bit of kit
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  7. @darren.moss have you got any pictures of this in your bus?

    Are you happy with it?

  8. breakfast TV?
  9. .... Says the man who spent the whole Saturday afternoon at Techenders watching Bath vs Tigers!!!!!!!! ;)
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  10. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    That's different ;)
    (I'd forgotten about that!)
  11. You know I'm only teasing ;) I want to use your wifi again. :D
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  12. Here's the one we use. [​IMG]
  13. Does that work well Scott?
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  14. Nice work, love it !
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  15. Yep spot on here's a picture of it down
    Inside when down.
  16. And do you just push on the top and it slides gracefully up?
  17. Yes, it's on sprung ball bearing rollers and has weights to stop it flying up.
  18. looks quite deep (front to back)
  19. 150mm deep internal allowing 20mm for clearance on the front edge and carcass is 15mm each side so Totals 180mm deep,
  20. Thanks

    Thinking about how I can fit this in (if at all possible) :)
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