Disc brake conversion kits-front and rear from vintagev-dubs.

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  1. The ultimate kit is early porsche 944 hubs and discs that have to be fitted to drum brake spindles, along with wilwood calipers... :)
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  2. Are you talking for front or rear brakes @Paul Weeding ? And would they fit behind standard wheels or would I need to go to 15"?
    Was looking to upgrade braking system on bus so very interested in this thread.
  3. Please someone explain the point of upgrading rears when there's a compensator that effectively switches them off under heavy braking? Thanks in anticipation.
  4. Brake bling...

    That's all you need to know ;)
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  5. Fronts

    Wheels really depends on offset and the disc and caliper diameter...

    But I'd say a minimum of 15s possibly even 16s with the quad piston calipers... I know my brembos need a minimum of 16s with the correct offset wheels with the correct back space clearance for them!! :eek:
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  6. With my sensible hat still on, no more brake adjusting. :thumbsup:
  7. Only the handbrake system to look after :)
  8. Some people enjoy a mechanical challenge. I'm (like so many others!) still trying to figure a neat and simple steering rack conversion.
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  9. I'd driven two near identical passat estates. One with rear discs and the other with well adjusted rear drums and the one with discs all round felt better braked. Probably overkill for a stock 2l type 4 but with something a little more lively it could maybe benefit especially if you've upgraded the front to larger vented discs.

    I wondered what discs from the Audi/VW/Mercedes parts bit could fit as they all run 5x112 like our bays. One of my mates has huge 14" diameter vented discs on his merc but they just fit inside 18" rims.
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  10. Now this has been on my "To-do" list for a long time... Merc sprinter discs look identical to LB ones, apart from the fact they are vented.... So it's reasonable to assume that they would fit, and possibly the calipers too (with an adaptor bracket)
    Just a case of having some R&D cash, and sitting down and getting on with it!! ;)

    Rack conversion is one of my (many) upgrades on the fish... PAS too ;)
  11. [​IMG]

    I used to have a webpage bookmarked that had all the disc sizes (diameter, thickness, and offset) along with mounting diemsions for disc calipers but the link is now just 404 error.:(
  12. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    @dog will be done before you!
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  13. Done or planned?
  14. I was thinking earlier that it'll be a race to the finish between myself and @dog :lol:
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  15. Bit of both... I've got most of the parts, just some bits to fab up :cool:
  16. Didnt say anything in the kit about the thingy that regulates pressure to the rear brakes? or have we got one already?

    Might get some for my bus,after my big bore motor is run in I am going to need something to slow it down,one needs good brakes if you are going to be cruising at 200kmh and some eejit pulls in front of you.......
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  17. Also might be fitting a water tank under the cab to stop wheelies.....lol!
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  18. brake bias valve is already fitted!! :)
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