Disc brake conversion kits-front and rear from vintagev-dubs.

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  1. I had to do a proper full on emergency stop in the van on the Autobahn in Germany on a down hill stretch at around 60, fully laden. It stopped very well, better than I thought it was going to at the time, dead straight as well. Stock brakes. The only time they grumbled was on a couple of long steep descents, so stopping power isn't really the issue, more overheating with repeated use. Better pads might fix that, or even vented front discs, but I doubt rear discs would make a lot of difference. The only point for me with rear discs would be less maintenance, but it doesn't seem to be worth spending money on that when you could be spending it to go faster.
  2. Rear discs have the look and less maintenance but on mine don't really improve stopping power
  3. Need better brake setup on my bus too. Don't want to go down the Porsche root and hub change to 5x130, so what you are looking at sounds very interesting.
    Currently just have brand new stuff with drilled front discs. Don't have much trouble cooking these :)
    Other option would be to have a servo fitted and updated pads, but I think a whole new vented disc setup would be better + servo
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