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  1. Bumper mounting holes all but one rounded off, plus several previous repairs

    Otherwise chassis looks rot free

    The plasma cutter is very useful but I can't seem to do a straight line yet and I get a bit carried away haha

    IMG_20190317_122508.jpg IMG_20190317_122518.jpg
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  2. Okay it's pretty difficult and perilous welding upside down, I really don't like it but I think my welding worries are over apart from one or two little bits.

    I better get busy with the filler and start at the front again clean up rust, treat and underseal

    I got the chassis at the back repaiered and the towbar fitted. I used a section of 3mm box steel and welding nuts on the inside before fitting. 3mm might be overkill but this holds the towbar and whatever is attached.

    the other side was not too bad just the bottom section so cut some 3mm steel and did the same with the nuts welded on inner part before fitting

    If anyone has a diagram for wiring up towbar id really appreciate it

    IMG_20190320_100551.jpg IMG_20190320_113643.jpg IMG_20190320_143258.jpg IMG_20190320_143337.jpg IMG_20190320_145600.jpg IMG_20190320_143236.jpg
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  3. I have finished my project on the side so feel better now

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  4. Been busy and thought I would insulate the back before interior

    Was pretty simple and not expensive

    Did the roof aswell got some ply and polystyrene from wicks (my first drive on the parkway which was entertaining, get's loads of attension)

    The wood is all ready and made a start on making each part IMAG5017.jpg IMAG5019.jpg IMAG5020.jpg IMAG5021.jpg IMAG5027.jpg IMAG5013.jpg
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  5. Another day, been outside so long I think the fresh air has gone to my head or it's the sawdust

    IMAG5028.jpg IMAG5029.jpg IMAG5036.jpg IMAG5039.jpg IMAG5040.jpg
  6. Looking good :thumbsup:
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  7. Very impressive, do you have plans or are you making it up as you go along?
    15mm Birch ply I assume?
    Hoping to do something similar myself, hence the plans question.
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  8. There is plans missing for sink and cooker unti so had to wing that bit

    Done in 18mm ply

    The plans are not 100% accurate so dont trust the measurements to the letter
  9. More or less done, I did notice a mistake with the fold down shelf under the cooker, wont open with the drawers in so will sort that

    Wired up all works, and fitted led lighting

    Just got to do a few mechanical part replacements and get tracking done. Oh and MOT

    IMAG5044.jpg IMAG5045.jpg IMAG5046.jpg IMAG5048.jpg IMAG5049.jpg IMG_20190411_180132.jpg IMG_20190411_180212.jpg IMG_20190412_164812.jpg IMG_20190412_164854.jpg IMG_20190412_164905.jpg
  10. Been for tracking today so now drives straight :thumbsup: and MOT passed with no advisories who'd have thunk it...
  11. Well done. Looks great! :thumbsup:
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  12. Been doing interior and wiring, everything works. just don't know how it's all going to do going out for the weekend with no hook up.

    I have got a good 12V 110AH leisure battery but I am sure it will need solar to keep charged. Anyone else have any advice? Only things 12v electric are fridge, water pump and lights

    My cooker and heating is gas and when hooked up to mains it will charge the leisure battery, fridge and sockets

    It's first outing will be this saturday to see if we survive lol

    IMAG5108.jpg IMAG5110.jpg IMAG5136.jpg IMAG5139.jpg IMAG5141.jpg IMG_20190416_135755.jpg IMG_20190416_140719.jpg IMG_20190416_142820.jpg
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  13. [QUOTE="satans_creation, post: 1575903, just don't know how it's all going to do going out for the weekend with no hook up.

    I have got a good 12V 110AH leisure battery but I am sure it will need solar to keep charged. Anyone else have any advice? Only things 12v electric are fridge, water pump and lights


    Charge your leisure battery before you go.

    Pre chill your fridge via home electricity if possible or use frozen bottles of water or ice blocks to chill before you go.

    When camping turn fridge off at night. Or just don't have fridge on at all and keep contents chilled using frozen water or blue ice blocks.

    It's not exactly warm at the moment!

    I loaded a cool box on Saturday, went camping and it was still cold on Monday pm.

    Worse case scenario is you get a flat leisure battery.

    Take a torch just in case
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  14. If you run the fridge on 12 volt whilst camping your leisure battery won’t last a day and there’s a good chance you could discharge it so far it won’t recover.

    I’d do as Paul said and use it with ice packs as a cool box.
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  15. As above that fridge will drain the battery in a few hours it’s only meant to run on 12v while the engines running
  16. Run the fridge on gas, that battery should last then, with just using it for lights and water pump.
  17. Thanx

    Use as a cool box, take a torch! got it

    I disconnected the gas system on the fridge 1. I didnt want to cut holes in side of van 2. it did have a slight gas leak when connected up and off. 3. I was concerned about fumes and heat

    Do you guys think a 100w solar kit would power the fridge during the day?

    I dont want owt attached to the roof so was thinking of a foldable one I can catch the sun all day

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