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  1. Bought her on a whim, I never expected to be able to afford one so I am a lucky lad. I actually broke all the rules buying her blind off fleabay, It was exaactly as described and to be honest I think the seller undersold it.

    I got it home and with me and my boyfriends rose tinted glasses thought we could pop a new interior in and off we go hehe

    The bus is empty, it's been stripped out and I wish they had saved the old units but ho hum. I have a friend who is going to make the whole interior for me out of marine ply, exactly the dimensions etc of the original using these plans

    I found a working 70s fridge hob and sink out of a devon

    I began by checking it over mechanically and what rust lies underneath

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  2. haha my Moonrakers called Moneypenny :)
    Looks in good nick :thumbsup:
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  3. Don’t think it’s a Moonraker, as the roof on my moonraker is the whole length of the van.
    Likely a Devon , unless it’s been re-roofed.
    Looks lovely though!

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  4. The Moonraker originally was just a pop top then in 79 a double top option as well, I've even seen tintop moonraker conversions :thumbsup:

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  5. Okay so this is how far I have come to date.

    I had already done the welding in the cab area but didnt take pictures like a dime bar

    I started cutting the rust out of the floor eek

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  6. I just kept cutting till I hit solid metal :eek:

    It's my first real attempt at welding so be kind

    IMG_20190117_152414.jpg IMG_20190219_181644.jpg IMG_20190214_101637.jpg
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  7. Thanx mate thought it was just me, I doubted if it was too but I have documents with Moonraker on...
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  8. nice and tidy work looking good :thumbsup:
  9. One of the buses we looked at before we bought the Westy was a Moonraker with the smaller pop top.
  10. My apologies! I thought it was just the big roof on mine that made it a moonraker - thanks for the education!
  11. You're welcome :thumbsup:
  12. I've got a fair few things to do mind

    1. Clean up welding from underside then clean/underseal
    2. Clean and paint framework for rock n roll bed and buddy seats
    3. Replace all 4 shock absorbers
    4. Fit new rear slave cylinders and shoes etc
    5. Repair and weld the rear of chassis as the box section is not great and bumper mounts were welded to them
    6. Fit and wire up towbar

    7. Get front seats and rear cushions recovered ( mum in law )
    8. Bleed brakes and check all is good
    9. Fit new exhaust, heater cables and heat exchangers to reinstate heating

    10. Fit a battery strap/clamp as its loose
    11. Replace front ball joint gaiters
    12. Refit rear windows
    13. Repair tailgate window recess and refit window

    14. Repair driver's door lip so seal will fit as its full of filler
    15. Repaint rear bumper
    16. Get new track covers and get them painted
    17. Sliding door sill and rear corner painted
    18. Insulate pop top and replace the wood
    19. Insulate and fit interior panel cards
    20. Replace or fix wiper motor
    21. Fix horn as not working

    22. Service engine and fix oil leak from rocker covers
    23. Fit new wood floor and choose vinyl
    24. Recover rear part of headliner
    25. Install wiring for 12v control panel, 240v system and split charger for leisure battery
    26. Fit the fridge and install cooker ( gas supply ) including bottle holder
    27. Fit new carpets in cab area
    28. Fit under dashboard storage kit

    29. Repair or replace offside rear outrigger, does not look bad

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  13. Great minds think alike
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  14. Only thing I begrudge Moneypenny for is I had to sell my golf mk1 gti to fund her


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  15. I welded, painted the lip of the side windows then refitted glass with new seals

  16. I took the dashboard out to fix my wipers and turned one spindle had seized. This made the cog and spindly thing in the motor seperate so some epoxy resin and tapped it back in with a hammer.

    While I was there I took the rusty dash top out to paint

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  17. Welcome from West Lancashire - looking good so far - well done.
  18. It's not got the fridge vent opening on the side, so it's either had a new side panel, only came with a coolbox or it's not a Moonraker.
  19. Might just be they had ordered one without a fridge? It was optional extra

    Saying that there has been alot of work to it in the past, I can see its had new arches all round, light panels and a whole font end (done to a great standard)

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