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  1. The fridge was an option, seen a few with just the coolbox.
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  2. Knows his shizzle
  3. I can see the unmistakable brown leather curtain straps in your pictures as well :thumbsup:
    Plus I have the same cooker/sink in mine.
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  4. Just supplied with cool box or had a new side panel are both strong possibilities.

    For where the wiring runs along the side panel, I'd say it's likely it was supplied with a fridge but has had a new side panel/ fridge vent welded up.

    Does it have the water tank underneath?
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  5. Yes at the front, I have removed it as it's got a hole in it and in two minds to repair it or bin it
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  7. I remove mine during restoration as the filler pipe went through the passenger wheel arch, didnt fancy drilling a hole in new wheel arches
  8. Good work.

    I’ve just learned to weld (badly) and you’re much better and braver than me.

    Note to self - grow a pair and get on with it.

  9. I have the benefit of watching my dad as a kid wilh a jug of water handly incase car the set on fire "on fire yet son" "no dad"

    Stick with it mate practice makes perfect, make sure you have a good welder too thats half the battle... At least 160amp mig welder with co2 bottle
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  10. I refitted dash top and while I was there I took the speedometer etc and gave them a through clean. Added led bulbs and looks well smart. Wish everything else was this easy haha

    IMG_20190307_121722.jpg IMG_20190307_121814.jpg
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  11. Did you put an led in the alternator warning lamp position, as I remember reading that this may cause problems.
    Looking nice.
  13. No just the display illumination
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  15. Support the handbrake lever with a length of timber and use a pin punch and hammer to drive the pin out.

    Or what most people do when fitting those trays is saw a slot through the plastic bit that goes around the handbrake shaft and stretch it out to go round the shaft.
  16. Sweet!

    Thing is the pin is out but it still wont budge I think it's been glued or am I missing something
  17. Still can't get the bugger off, give up before I break summat

    I've been busy welding and think I buggered the arch bit, going in all gung ho! It must have got too hot and its warped a bit, should be alright ground down and filled

    I took tailgate off and there is more rust than expected ☹️

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  18. holes need to be 6 mm on lower sill to panel repair 8 mm when drilling out looking good turn wire speed down
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  19. Took the tailgate off and the rust was worse than I thought underneath the rubber. It's very tricky so I went and bought a dremel tool to cut the bits of rust out

    I have got my welder working better too tweaking it and practicing


    IMG_20190314_140005.jpg IMG_20190314_143931.jpg IMG_20190314_155501.jpg

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